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School of Economics and Management, Communication University of China


Founded in Beijing in 1954, the Communication University of China (CUC) is a one of the top public research universities in China under the Chinese Ministry of Education’s university modernization and research advancement initiatives of Project 211 and Project 985 Innovative Platform. CUC has been consistently ranked No.1 in China for advertising, digital animation technology, journalism, presentation arts, and radio & TV arts.

In addition, the university is one of the most prestigious Chinese universities for its research and teaching in brand marketing, new media technology and marketing, cultural development and management, and broadcast engineering.

With the long research background in media and an integrated student-centered education with a real-world reach, the School of Economics and Management launched the China’s first cultural media-focused Master of International Business (MIB) program in 2019 in collaboration with the Coventry University of UK.



Business School, Coventry University


Coventry University (CU) is a forward-looking, modern university with a tradition as a provider of high-quality education and a focus on applied research. The university was awarded Gold for outstanding teaching and learning in 2017 and has been ranked No. 13 among all UK universities in 2019 by the Guardian’s University Guide.

Having taught business for more than 50 years, Coventry Business School has established a good reputation in providing a dynamic and enterprising educational experience for students interested in business, economics, marketing, management, etc.

At Coventry, students have access to the largest academic trading floor of its kind in Europe, which incorporates 42 Bloomberg terminals and offers students hands-on experience of investment analysis and financial research using these industry-standard tools as well as other leading platforms such as Thomson Reuters, Eikon and Datastream, for related courses chosen.





The Master of International Business (MIB) program is a unique dual award partnership program between CUC and our partner institution, CU, UK. The program mainly takes place on CUC campus in Beijing, China.

Students who opt for the dual award program are to complete 60 credit courses from CU via distance learning and study in CU’s UK campus for at least 4 weeks, up to a term. An MIB degree from CUC and an MSc in International Business from CU will then be awarded upon graduation. Most of the courses are taught in Chinese, some are taught in English.

Offers into the dual award program is made through CUC’s International Students Office andCenter for Professional Postgraduate Programs. Students who opt out of the dual award program will graduate with a master’s degree from CUC.

As a participant of the MIB program, students get to exchange perspectives within an elite class of students from across the region. The dual award program further connects students with both the eastern and the western worlds and allows students to be part of two powerful alumni networks.

MIB graduates are expected to secure executive-level jobs in multinational corporations, trading firms, social enterprises, government agencies, international organizations, etc., in China and aboard.  

The 2-year full-time postgraduate program is to equip students with advanced business and management knowledge, cross-cultural communication skills, and analytical and decision-making skills in the digital age and global environment of business. The program also aims to develop social responsibility, professionalism, creativity, and a global perspective.





MIB Core Subjects

· International Trade Policy and Practice

· International Investment and Transnational Corporation Management

· International Finance: Theory and Practice

· International Business Negotiation

· International Commercial Law

· Applied Economics

· International Business

· English for Business



· Business Intelligence

· International Cultural Trade

· Media Organization and Operation

· Digital Marketing

· Introduction to Digital Economics

· Digital Media Operations

· Digital Asset Management

· Digital Industry Policies

· Big Data Analysis

· Internet Finance and Investment Analysis

· International Marketing

· International Human Resource Management

· Global Media Industry: Comparative Policy Study

· Media Management: Theoretical Foundation and Application

· Digital Media: Development and Production

· Media Market

· Global Supply and Logistics



· Economy

· Statistics

· Principles of Accounting





The minimum entry requirement for international students are to:

· have a bachelor’s degree, in which the CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average) is not lower than 3.0 on a scale of 4.0;    

· be proficient in Mandarin (equivalent to HSK6).

Note: Students wishing to enroll on dual award must have an IELTS level 6.5 by the end of the first academic year or undertake successfully an internally assessed English test administered by CU to demonstrate an equivalent level.





· 54,000 RMB (27,000 RMB per academic year)

· 3,900 UK Pounds for the partnership program (optional)


* The tuition is exclusive of a mandatory medical insurance of 800RMB per year.

* Special tuition incentive for inaugural term and generous Chinese government scholarships are available for application (please contact us for details).


· On-campus accommodation: 40RMB to 50RMB per day for a shared (2 persons) room.

· Estimated food and miscellaneous expenses: approximately 1,500 RMB per month.





· Log on the website to register, and upload application materials according to the relevant requirement.

· Pay an application fee online.

· Wait for the qualification examination and admission.


Please note:

1) The application fee of 600RMB is non-refundable.

2) Please double-check your application information before submission. Once the   information is submitted, it cannot be changed.

3) Please keep a record of your application user name and password for future check and enroll results query.





International Students Office

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Tel:  +86-10-6577-9359

Fax: +86-10-6578-3578



Center for Professional Postgraduate Programs

Office 111, Building 32, School of Economics and Management

Communication University of China

Email:  |  Instagram: cuc_mib   |  twitter: cuc_mib

Facebook: CUC-Coventry Dual Award Master of International Business Program


For more details, please download MIB Brochure.