Housing and Dining

CUC has two student canteens, which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast are usually about 1 RMB to 3RMB, for lunch and dinner, the costs are about 5 RMB to 10 RMB. With their student card, foreign students can go to the second floor above the supermarket to apply for a canteen card.

CUC also has three Chinese restaurants, which cater different flavors. There are also a number of cafes on campus, where students can have western food.

International students’ dormitory is at International Center on campus. International Center does not accept reservation. Students may apply for rooms in person after registration at International Students’ Office with Accommodation Form.
For more information please contact International Center at +86-10-6577-9489 or +86-10-6577-9776.
You can also rent an apartment off campus. You must report and register your address within 24 hours after your moving-in at local police station and get Temporary Accommodation Registration. You do not need to register when you are temporarily living in a hotel.