International Master of International Communication Program


I. About IMIC
1. Program
Academic educational Programs sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of China is dedicated to cultivate outstanding talents from the developing worlds in field of politics, economics and trade, diplomacy, science, education, culture, public administration, etc. Those programs provide intellectual support for the economical and social development of their recipient countries. Programs are in forms of 1-year Master’s Degree program, 2-year Master’s Degree program and 3-year Doctoral Degree program.
Based on advantageous recourses in academic fields of media and communication, Communication University of China (CUC) has been offering International Master of International Communication Program (IMIC) since 2011. This one-year program is designed for students from developing countries with diverse backgrounds. It closely integrates theoretical courses with practical fieldwork. Students could gain from this program effective skills for international communication practice, and capability for critical analysis on public policies related to international communication. 
2. Applicants
Applicants should be governmental officials at middle or senior level, professionals in media and communication industry, or researchers or administrators of academic institutions at middle or senior career level. 
3. Objective 
To cultivate versatile and practical talents in fields of media and communication, education and research, and public administration, etc.
To systematically study rules of international communication and its influence upon national sovereignty from global and local perspectives; to investigate rational and feasible strategies of international communication in developing countries under the context of globalization; to develop comprehensive intercultural skills and the capacity to work as a media practitioner, administrator and policy maker. 
Emphasis is laid upon applying multidisciplinary perspectives and methodologies to further understand the basic feature of international communication and its social and historical origin, and to investigate the implementation and effects of international communication policies.
4. Basic Setting
Major:Media and Communication
Cohort Size:20 students
Medium Language:English
Duration of Study:1 year
5. Program Funding
IMIC is financed by Foreign Aid funding of Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China. Funding includes tuition fee, accommodation fee, living subsidy, one-time relocation subsidy, fee for teaching materials, fee for field trips, fee for medical insurance, etc. Relocation subsidy of 3000 CNY will be given to students upon registration. Living subsidy will be given to students at the monthly rate of 3000 CNY at the beginning of each month. Other funding will be managed by Ministry of Commerce and CUC without directly issued to students. Students are provided with free round trip flight to Beijing. Transportation between airport and campus in connection with this round trip flight will be arranged by CUC.

II. About CIC and ICS
1. About CUC
Communication University of China is a public university located in Beijing directly supervised by Ministry of Education of P. R. China. Founded in 1954, CUC has educated numerous professionals in the media industry, and is therefore honored as “the cradle of the nation’s broadcasting and television talents”. CUC currently provides undergraduate, master and doctoral degree programs for 15,000 full-time students, as well as diploma training programs and credit programs for part-time students. 
Communication University of China is a top university in China in fields of media and communication. According to the latest National Discipline Evaluation conducted by Ministry of Education, CUC ranked No.1 in China in “Journalism and Communication Studies” and “Theatre, Film and Television Studies”, and ranked No. 6 in “Art Theory Studies” and No. 10 in “Design Studies”.
2. About ICS
Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) is a graduate level teaching and research institution affiliated to Faculty of Journalism and Communication, CUC. It consists of 36 staff members including 10 professors and 12 associate professors. It has about 200 Master’s Degree candidates and about 100 Doctoral Degree candidates. ICS is dedicated to the research and practice of intercultural communication between China and the rest of the world. Currently ICS has about 50 international students. 
3. Facilities 
Each student is provided free of charge a single room at international students’ dormitory with private bathroom, television, telephone, air conditioner, public laundry machines, microwave ovens and electric stoves. International students’ dormitory is for the usage of students only. Students’ families and friends cannot stay at international students’ dormitory. 
Students may use canteens (canteen for Muslim students is available) on campus with prepaid meal cards. Students have full access to campus facilities including library, gymnasium, convenient stores, etc.

III Syllabus
1. Course Arrangement
a. About Credits
b. About Teaching Staff
Teaching staff of IMIC consists of 12 professors and 20 associate professors with diverse international backgrounds in education and research. IMIC also invites external professors, experts and government officials to give lectures to students.
2. Teaching Method
Medium language of IMIC is English. Instruction takes forms of lecture, seminar, class presentation, case discussion, supervisor tutorial, etc. Discussion and international conferences are arranged to broaden students’ perspectives.
3. Timeline
Students are expected to complete IMIC within one academic year. Academic year starts around the beginning of September and ends at the beginning of July of the following year. Academic year consists of Fall Semester, Winter Break and Spring Semester. Due to a compact schedule, students must register on the date as stated by Admission Notice.
4. Thesis
a. About Topic
Thesis is expected to closely relate to international communication and to address practical issues of the developing world.
b. About Defense
At the beginning of the Fall Semester, ICS will make arrangements for students to choose their supervisors for thesis. By the end of Fall Semester, students should finish their thesis proposal. In the beginning of June during Spring Semester, students will defense their thesis.   
5. Diploma
Students must fulfill credit requirements of 32, including 3 Core Courses for 15 credits, Option Courses no less than 12 credits, and Practice for 5 credits.
Students are required to fulfill course requirement, finish thesis writing and defense by the end of one academic year. With the approval of University Degree Committee, the Degree of Master of Arts will be awarded to students.

I. Qualifications
Applicants should be governmental officials at middle or senior level, professionals in media and communication industry, or researchers or administrators of academic institutions at middle or senior career level. 
Applicants should be under 45 years of age (45 included) and in good health condition. They should hold Bachelor’s Degree and have at least 3 years of relevant working experience. Their English proficiency should be sufficient for graduate level study.

II. Procedures
1. Application for Enrollment
Complete Communication University of China Application Form for IMIC Program as provided in Attachment 1. Attach ID photo to the form and sign.
2. Application for Scholarship
Visit China Scholarship Council application system, fill in application for Chinese Government Scholarship, print out the form generated by the system, attach a photo to the form and sign.
Please note: 
a. Agency Number of CUC is 10033. Major of IMIC is Communication Studies.
b. CSC number generated by the system will be used in visa document
3. Prepare Other Materials
a. Notarized photocopy of Bachelor’s Degree Diploma, and original transcript of undergraduate study.
b. Two recommendation letters to reflect respectively applicant’s working experience and education. 
c. Resume
d. Research Proposal in English of above 2000 words. It should demonstrate previous knowledge and research capability in proposed field of study.
e. Photocopy of identification page of regular passport. Diplomatic or official passport is not acceptable. Applicants must enter China with this regular passport if admitted.
f. Applicants whose native or official language is not English should submit English proficiency test report (TOEFL, GRE, etc.) or transcript of English training courses. 
g. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner with blood test result (form provided in Attachment 2)
h. Personal Statement and other materials to demonstrate motivation and talents of the applicant (optional)
4. Submission
a. Submit a complete set of application materials generated by above mentioned steps 1, 2, 3 in both hard copy and scanned copy to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese Embassy.
b. Submit a written request to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese Embassy for official recommendation and clearly state whether or not willing to be considered for a similar program at another universities if IMIC is no long available. 
Please Note:
a. All the documents to be submitted should be in Chinese or English. Otherwise, notarized translation in Chinese or English is required. 
b. Original copies of Diploma, transcripts and language proficiency certificates must be presented for verification at Chinese Embassy.
c. Chinese Embassy will keep scanned copy only after verification process is finished. If admitted, students should retrieve hard copy from Chinese Embassy and submit to CUC during registration.  

III. Application Deadline:May 31st, 2016 

I. Contact at CUC
Ms. Liu Anqi
Tel 0086-10-6577-9359  
Fax 0086-10-6578-3578
Email use this email as first choice)
Mailing Address
International Students’ Office, School of International Education
Communication University of China
Room 102, Building 30, No. 1 Dingfuzhuang East Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 
Postal Code:100024
People’s Republic of China
II. Other Information
Other information will be provided by CUC in admission material package.