Announcement: Call for Entries – Global Higher Education Students Exhibition of Public Service Advertising Works on Sports Cultur

Author:     2023-06-15

On the occasion of the upcoming 31st Summer World University Games in Chengdu (hereinafter the “Chengdu Universiade”), with the aim of promoting the concept of nationwide fitness and fostering enthusiasm for sports education, “Call for Entries – Global Higher Education Students Exhibition of Public Service Advertising Works on Sports Culture” will be organized.

The exhibition is hosted by the Ministry of Education Information Office and organized by the Communication University of China. With the goals of promoting "youth, health, mutual learning between sports, and beauty in sharing," the event aims to create a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for the Chengdu Universiade. It also seeks to foster cultural and sports exchanges among higher education students worldwide. Under the theme of advocating sports culture, the exhibition encourages young students from China and around the world to share and promote sports culture. It provides a platform to showcase various aspects of campus physical education, current practices, and unique cultural traits. The exhibition also aims to promote the spirit of unity, hard work, and striving in sports. By doing so, it aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers, students, and the general public to participate in sports activities, highlighting how popularizing of sports can play a crucial role in building a harmonious society.

 Ⅰ.Eligible Participants: Higher Educationstudents enrolled worldwide.

 Ⅱ.Submission period: June 15–30, 2023 (UTC+8:00, Beijing Time).

 Ⅲ.Entry requirements:

1. Content requirements:

(1) Entries must be relevant to the theme, feature uplifting content, be positive and creative, well-produced, and have strong public appeal.

(2) Entries must not violate the laws or regulations of the People’s Republic of China, nor the requirements of China’s Advertising Law and other relevant laws and regulations.

(3) Entries should not include any information about the participating institution. Participating institutions are responsible for any legal issues related to portrait rights, copyright, trademark rights, naming rights, and other related matters concerning the entries.

(4) Participants can enter individually, as a team, or as a collective organization, and each participant can submit multiple entries of different types.

(5) Entries must be the original work of the submitter (or participation institution). Plagiarism and copyright infringement are strictly prohibited. The submitter should have complete copyright ownership of the works, and it is strictly prohibited to plagiarize, imitate, or copy the works of others. If entries feature the work of other creators, the necessary legal authorization must be obtained, and written proof of such authorization must be submitted. Failure to provide proper authorization may result in disqualification by the organizer. Any participants who cause serious negative impacts on the event will be held legally responsible by the organizer.

(6) The organizer has the rights to use all submitted works free of charge, including but not limited to the rights of reproduction, exhibition, screening, broadcasting, online information dissemination, filming, adaptation, translation, compilation, and other purely non-commercial purposes within the scope of the call for entries.

2. Format requirements:

(1) Poster entries:

The format for poster entries should be in JPG, PNG, or other similar image format, with dimensions of 50×70 cm and a minimum of 300 pixels. Both RGB and CMYK color modes should be provided. Entries can either be a single work or a series of works. For a series, it is recommended to include comprehensive display image or panel showcasing the series' overall effect.

(2) Video entries:

Video entries should be in MP4, using h.264 encoding, with a resolution of no less than 1280×720 (16:9) or 960×720 (4:3). The videos should be in landscape orientation with clear picture quality. The length of a single video should be between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. It is not permitted to include any information about the creator in the videos.

(3) Animation entries:

Animation entries should be packaged in MOV or MP4 format, using either ProRes 422 or h.264 encoding. The video bitrate should not be lower than 6 Mbps, and the resolution should be no less than 1280×720 (16:9) or 960×720 (4:3). The audio bitrate should not be lower than 128 Kbps. The length of a single animation should be between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. Creator-related information should not be included.

(4) Audio entries:

For audio entries, the bitrate should not be lower than 128kbps, the bit depth should not be lower than 16 bits, and the sampling frequency should not be lower than 44100hz. The accepted formats are MP3 or WMA. The length of a single audio entry should be between 15 seconds and 3 minutes.

3. How to submit your entry

(1) Please submit yourentries in the form of a cloud storage link before 24:00 on June 30, 2023 (Beijing Time). Please ensure that the download link remains valid until July 30, 2023 (Beijing Time). Along with the cloud storage link, please also include the registration form and other necessary information and send them to Chinese participants may use Baidu Netdisk, while participants from overseas can use Google Drive for cloud storage.

(2) File naming requirements:

File Name Format: Title of work - Author’s name - Mobile phone number

Folder Name Format: Category of work - Title of work

 Ⅳ. Awards

The event will select 100 outstanding works across different categories, including poster, video, animation, and audio. The creators, mentors, and universities of outstanding works will be commended and recognized. The outstanding works will be widely exhibited through a combination of online and offline platforms. Additionally, some of the award-winning students will be invited to attend the Chengdu Universiade events in person. The organizer will cover the expenses for travel, tickets, and other related costs.

Contact person and contact information:

Ms. Hou - 13810933254;

Ms. Xie - 13328895267

Ministry of Education Information Office

CommunicationUniversity of China

June 2023

Attachment: Registration Form for the “Call for Entries – Global Higher Education Students Exhibition of Public Service Advertising Works on Sports Culture”.

Registration form for the “Call for Entries – Global Higher Education Students Exhibition of Public Service Advertising Works on Sports Culture”

Title of Work

Category of Work


Mode of Participation and Participant Information

Individual entry

Author’s Name


ID Number/

Passport Number

Team entry

Author’s Name

Team Role


ID Number/

Passport Number







Mobile Phone Number

Email Address

Brief Description  of the work

( Max. 150 words)

Submission link

(Please ensure that the submission link is accessible and valid until July 30, 2023.)


I declare that this work is original and does not involve plagiarism or copyright infringement.

I agree that the organizer may use the work for online screenings, screenings, exhibitions, publications, and distribution for promotional purposes without any remuneration.

I have truthfully completed this form and take full responsibility for the information provided, accepting any legal consequences that may arise.

Signature:                             Date:  day/month/year