CUC-cofounded Confucius Institute holds activities to celebrate “ UN Chinese Language Day”

Author:Chen Yunge     2022-04-23

To celebrate the 13th United Nations Chinese Language Day which fell on Wednesday, Confucius Institute of Federal University of Rio Grand do Sul(UFRGS), co-founded by Communication University of China(CUC), held a variety of themed activities both online and offline. 

Professor BaiLanling , Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute of UFRGS, led teachers of the Confucius Institute to design activities,including introducing Chinese into Company and Reciting Chinese Classics.

In mid-April 2022, the Confucius Institute of UFRGS reached out to companies in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, and started the first Chinese lessons of many employees of Brazilian companies with a special course First Chinese Class taught by volunteer teacher Wu Xiaoyan as the main vehicle.During the discussion, employees and managers spoke highly of the Introducing Chinese into Company, saying that they had experienced the characteristics and charm of Chinese and developed a strong interest in it.

Wu Xiaoyan, a volunteer teacher of the Confucius Institute of UFRGS and a master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in School of Humanities, lectures "First Chinese Class"

The "First Chinese Class" is welcomed by the employees

Group photo of Confucius Institute teachers and company employees

Meanwhile, the Confucius Institute of UFRGS also organized students to participate in Reciting Chinese Classics jointly launched by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and the Chinese Plus. Under the guidance of Wu Yaqin, a government-sponsored teacher,and Luo Xiangyu, a volunteer teacher, Fang Cong (Rodrigo Lerner Gutterres) recited Tune: Sunny Sandby Baipu in the Yuan Dynasty. Wen Yin (Matheus Provin) and Wei Yuxuan (Henrique Weber) coincidentally chose Happy Rain on a Spring Night by Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. During the poetry appreciation session, Wei Yuxuan,who is studying computer science at UFRGS, said:This poem is literally about spring rain, but there is also animplied meaning in the poem: good things will happen after hardships, and there will always be good things in life waiting for us.

Fang CongRodrigo Lerner Gutterresrecites "Tune: Sunny Sand"

Wen YinMatheus Provinrecites "Happy Rain on a Spring Night"

Wei Yuxuan(Henrique Weber)recites "Happy Rain on a Spring Night"

The Confucius Institute of UFRGS has established cooperation with many local middle schools, universities, governments and educational institutions in recent years. "Reciting Chinese Classics" has further started cooperation with local companies.

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