CUC Malaysian alumni organize online chorus to fight the COVID-19

Author:Jiang Jiani     2020-05-25

During the coronavirus outbreak, Malaysian Alumni Association of Communication University of China (CUC) initiated an online chorus, The Same Moon, to spread togetherness and lift spirits.

Online chorus of “The Same Moon”

Though CUC Malaysian alumni work in different industries and sectors, they stay as a unity to fight against the pandemic in their own ways, embodying the humanity and social responsibility of CUCers. 

During the pandemic, the alumni on the journalism frontline report latest news, produce programs, and provide information to the locals while those working in industrial and business sectors have been devoted in the production and distribution of protective equipment.

The song The Same Moon originates from one song in the first album by Chai Zi, a Malaysian singer-songwriter who adapted the lyrics. It was recomposed by Malaysian pianist, Samuel. The Malaysian Alumni Association called for graduates in different countries and CUC students to join in and record their singing at home. The materials were then sent tothe Ace Experience for editing. 

Once it was released on various media platforms, it has been reposted many times, and resonated well across the CUC alumni circle. The President of the association timely sent the video and relevant reports back to CUC. The International Office and Alumni Office shared it across alumni groups both at home and abroad. The chorus highlights alumni’s identity with and attachment to CUC.

The Same Moon being broadcasted in Malaysian news program at prime time

The Malaysian Alumni Association of CUC was established in Malaysia in February 2016 and currently comprises more than 50 members. It has represented CUC to participate in education activities in Malaysia and spread CUC’s international students’ programs since the establishment. 

Link to the video:

Editor: Xie Wenqi  Hou Yifu