Special Issue Call for Papers | Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

Author:     2020-05-09

JOBEM Special Issue Call for Papers:

Chinese Electronic Media: Social Evolution and Social Change in the Digital Information Age

Special Issue Editors:
Shuhua Zhou (zhoushuh@missouri.edu), University of Missouri
Carolyn A. Lin (carolyn.lin@uconn.edu), University of Connecticut
Xingang Chen (xingangchen@hotmail.com), Communication University of China

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2020

Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media will publish a special issue on “Chinese Electronic Media:  Social Evolution and Social Change in the Digital Information Age.” The idea has been in the works for a few years as a result of annual academic exchanges between BEA and its Chinese counterpart, the Broadcast & New Media Research Association of China (BNMR), and in recognition of the special characteristics of broadcasting and electronic media in China. We welcome submissions on all topics focusing on Chinese electronic media, broadly defined to include greater China. Submissions are open to papers outside the two associations.

China is witnessing tremendous media transformation and social change in the digital information age, not unlike other countries around the world. Media convergence, smart media, blockchain and other innovative technologies have been penetrating every fabric of the Chinese society at an unprecedented rate. Within this context, how do China’s media evolve and perform in a rapidly changing technological environment? How do people use and make sense of their media affordances and the content that they consume in their daily life, including, for example, media coverage of the trade war and the fight against COVID-19?

We seek submissions of all methodological approaches on topics related to the content, uses and effects associated with Chinese electronic and digital media that contribute to theoretical and empirical knowledge from a social scientific perspective.  Appropriate topics for submission include but not limited to the following:

lMedia convergence theories and practices

lNew media and social media

lCommunication and Chinese culture

lMedia transformation and social change

lMedia and political communication

lMedia and science communication

lMedia uses and effects during a public health crisis

lMedia effects, public opinion and climate change

All submissions to the special issue will be subject to a double-blind peer review process. The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2020. Papers submitted before the deadline will be processed as they are received.

Submission guidelines:
Authors should read the instructions for authors prior to the submission: https://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?show=instructions&journalCode=hbem20.

1. Papers should be submitted on the journals website https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hbem.

2. When submitting the paper in the submission portal, make sure to indicate it is a China special issue article.

Please contact one or all special issue editors for further clarification.