School of Humanity sends a letter of sympathy to students abroad

Author:Jiang Jiani     2020-03-28

China has turned the tide against COVID-19 at home, while the risk of pandemic influenza and the challenge of new situation still there. Currently, the School of Humanity ,CUC, has more than 50 international students waiting to return to school, and 21 volunteer Chinese teachers staying at 10 countries, including South Korea, Japan, U.S., Brazil, UK, Serbia, Netherlands, etc. Five of the volunteers are due to return home. 


In order to express concern to the international students and volunteer Chinese teachers, the School of Humanity has sent a letter of sympathy to them, titled “Our hearts join together as one in different places, though we haven’t seen each other for long”. 


In the letter, the school appealed students to limit nonessential travel and practice isolation. The letter also encouraged them to stay at home, prepare for and fight against the virus. It also noted that no matter where they are, all faculty and students of the School would express best wishes to them. 


The School required students and teachers abroad not to return to Beijing and campus for the sake of cross-infection in travel. Any travel plan needs to be informed to the school, which shall be reported to CUC’s Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control. Without the approval of the group, the plan cannot be implemented. The volunteer Chinese teachers should have self-quarantine at home if they arrive in China after they complete their volunteer work. The international students should stay at home to have online courses, with the company of their teachers. 


It is firmly believed that both volunteer Chinese teachers and international students act as bridges in cultural exchanges between China and other countries. They have made great contributions to world cultural diversity. They are the light of humanity, the light of CUC, and also the light of China! 


As the old saying goes, “Sharp edge of a sword comes out from grinding, and plum blossom’s fragrance comes from the bitter cold.” There are countless unexpected hardships in life, but as long as we grit our teeth, hold on together with persistence, we are sure to have the last laugh.


The School expected them to remember President Xi Jinping’s remarks – The iron fist against the COVID-19 cannot be relaxed, and it is better to take a broad mind with long-term vision. The Chinese people has experienced many ordeals through its history, but it has never been overwhelmed. Instead, it has become more and more courageous, growing up and rising up from the hardships.



(Editor: Hou Yifu    Arshad Bhatti  Zhang Xu