CUC Tells Migration Stories in Beijing in Global News Relay


Introduction 17 May 2019

Global News Relay is an English news program participated by more than 10 journalism colleges from 12 countries on four continents. Each participating college is required to produce a 12-to-15-minute newsreel around a common theme and broadcast live on YouTube.

The theme of this year's Global News Relay is migration. Hosted by Hong Kong Baptist University, the program has 13 participating journalism colleges. This is the first time the program has been held in Asia, and the first time CUC has participated in it. 

In the past month, with the guidance of professor Wu Minsu and Chen Xingang, a group of students from TV school of CUC participated in this international news relay. 

In the newsreel, they describe Beijing as a colorful city full of unknown and opportunities. It keeps attracting people from all over the world to realize their own dreams here. They then fall in love with Beijing and have their lives connected with it. Among all the migrants, they chose four distinctive ones to tell you about their stories in Beijing.