“Proficient in Foreign Language, Adept in Media, Strong in Capability”--Further Knowledge of the Major Audiovisual Translation

On the morning of April 14th, Opening Ceremony of 2017 Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation & Dubbing Cooperation Workshop·Beijing and “Translating Films, Bridging Cultures” International Forum was hosted in the CUC Studio. “ Translating Films, Bridging Cultures” was the theme of this workshop. There are 26 foreign delegates ranging from film and television industries, chairman of film festivals, heads of film companies, translators from 24 countries such as Japan, Brazil, Russia, France, British, America, Canada, Pakistan and so on, professional scholars and film talents from 37 universities attending this campaign, with 304 film works having been recommended and introduced.

Served as the organizer, School of International Studies of CUC spared no effort to the succession of this campaign. There are 42 volunteers anticipating in this workshop, with all the staff of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation from School of International Studies. Among the volunteers, students major in Audiovisual Translation won great high appraisal from domestic and abroad experts by their solid theoretical qualities and professional foreign language expression capabilities. In order to further learn more about the professional teaching, research, personnel cultivation system of our own specific major, film translation, relevant leaders and professors were interviewed to introduce the basic construction situation.

Audiovisual Translation Major Developing from Nothing had Won Great Achievements

Early in 1960s, Communication University of China(CUC) had set up 23 language majors and also relevant courses on film translation and production. With the expansion of Sino-international exchange in film and television industry, CUC first set up the major of film translation in 2003 so as to satisfy the developing needs of China’s film and television industry and to foster talents for Audiovisual Translation. As the only university which has film translation major in bachelor, master and doctor (orienting at international projects), it has formed a complete teaching system in film translation research including foreign films translated into Chinese, Chinese films into foreign languages and ethnic language translation and fostered a magnitude of talents contributing to domestic and abroad exchange in film and television filed.

By means of media features and multi languages advantages of CUC, the Audiovisual Translation major now has a professional faculty including Li Zuowen, Ma Zhengqi, Jia Peilin, Ma Jianli, Jin Haina and so on, all of which are devoted to the development and construction of film translation. Professional teachers from over 20 languages like Russian, French, Spanish, Swahili also participated in the studies and practice translation.

“Driven by the social needs, discipline construction improve the quality of personnel cultivation by research,” said by the dean of School of International Studies, Li Zuowen. As the first one to set up this major, the School of International Studies did not have complete teaching system at the initial period. It had made painstaking efforts in adapting to discipline development and cultivation needs and exploiting a path of discipline construction and talent cultivation with Chinese characteristics. On one hand, in the course of teaching and translation practice, the teachers found out problems to carry out theoretical fundamental research. On the other hand, national projects were applied to form a comprehensive research and teaching system. After several years accumulation, the School of International Studies has successfully applied for five national projects, supported by social science fund and national educational science regulation and six provincial projects like “Translation Capability Construction of Film Bridge Transcending the Silk Road”. Over 10 core tutorials,  works, and hundreds of academic thesis has been published. Over 300 films and 2000 episodes of TV drama have been translated. Their translation works have won many awards like “Flying Goddess Award”,“Ornamental Column Awards”,which has laid solid foundation and won great reputation in the professional field of film.