ACADEMY YEAR:communication university 2016


    I am OFFOR UDOCHUKWU PRINCE 。I applied for a Confucius scholarship this year, and not too long ago I was successfully admitted by Communication University of China. Firstly I would like to say every human on earth has his or her own dream in life. Every body’s dream are not the same that’s because every body’s way of seeing things are not the same. In choice, ability and we have different futures. People with dreams are hoping to achieve them, but we need to work hard before we can do that, and make decisions because without making decisions I don’t think he or she can make it. It is said that when sleeping our dreams are reflected to our life style or the future. I agree on this, because is all about your thoughts and who you are. For example when I was small I normally have a dream of where am chatting with a foreign friend, that led me to making a choice of studying economics as my university major, so I can achieve this dream by managing a company and building a foreign cooperation. But the thing is I like imitating people especially when they talk and because of this, I can speak 3 different languages in my country. Seeing this my father ask me to study language particularly French language, but I have no interest in French language.   
    So it comes to a time when I was watching a Chinese channel, which they were actually speaking English but the subtitle was in Chinese language. As I was watching the TV programme at the sametime I was thinking about what am seeing, does this things (characters) actually has a meaning, because in English language is just ABC to Z is that how this characters are too? As I was thinking of this I was also practicing if I can write them. So after that day I confronted my father and told him since you would like it for me to study language I want to study Chinese language he laughed and said to me; kid don’t ask for too much I also laughed and said how is one language too much? We all laughed.
     So after my graduation from high school as soon as I herd that there’s a place where I can study Chinese language I went and registered for it and started studying, Then after some period of time I gradually started understanding what my father means by telling me not to ask for much, meaning: Chinese language is a bit harder than I thought. 
     When I started leaning Chinese I had a dream, first was visit china and experience there way of living, I rely thank GOD, my teachers and those of my class mates who helped me in studying and achieving my first goal, there encouragement and support rely help me and I promise to continue to work hard to achieve my goal and hope to understand the Chinese culture more better.   
Secondly to learn the strange language, use it and contribute to the development of my country and china. Use the experience I got to represent my country, and Also teach others the strange language, to those like me out there that doesn’t understand china and there culture I will enlighten them. Use Chinese language in all aspect to become a popular person on earth, and most especially grow into others dream. I am sure that my going to china is the best choice, and is the reason I chose to study in the Communication University of China, because of the opportunities there. And I will grab the opportunity to study Chinese language well.  
    This is all, I think now I should listen to my father’s words don’t ask for much. But actually it wasn’t asking for much i was just asking for something different. First of all achieve and then ask for more and that’s decision making.  
    For this dreams I will continuously work hard for it I pray and hope GOD guilds me in achieving my dreams and goal, also help those who needs His help. And May the relationship of NIGERIA and CHINA grow better.
Edited By: Yang Jiawen