The Charter of Communication University of China

Article 59 The University shall provide a mechanism to protect the lawful rights and interests for students by establishing a complete structure to deal with students’ complaints.

Chapter VII Funds and Assets

Article 60 The University operating funds are mainly from the financial allocation of government and education revenues. The University shall establish a sound diversification and multi-channel system to finance education funds in accordance with the law.

Article 61 The University shall establish a collective financial system under unified leadership and concentrated management, unify financial rules and regulations, and centralize financial budget of revenue and expenditure and accounting.

Article 62 The University shall establish a sound state-owned asset management system to optimize resources allocation, improve its utilization effectiveness and achieve asset value preservation. The University shall legally protect and utilize the University’s name, identity and other intangible property.

Article 63 The University shall establish internal audit and economic accountability system to audit, supervise and evaluate the University economic activities, and accept the supervision and inspection of relevant state agencies.

Article 64 The University shall improve logistic support systems to provide high-quality logistic service for the study, work and life of faculty, staff and students.

Chapter VIII The University and the Society

Article 65 The University shall actively expand the education service, and make contribution to the mass higher education, and lifelong education system and learning-oriented society.

Article 66 The University shall establish the Education Development Foundation, accept donations from society, and manage donated projects and funds to support the University's development.

Article 67 The University shall deepen the cooperation of “government, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users”, and promote the socialization and industrialization of scientific research achievements which are encouraged to put into education practice.

Article 68 The University pays attention to the development of college enterprises and exercises rights through setting up an asset management company. Various industrial subjects the University established or participated in shall establish a modern enterprise system with a clarified ownership, clear responsibilities and rights, independent operation and scientific management.

Article 69 The University shall proactively establish relations with prestigious domestic and international universities and institutes to introduce advanced education resources and develop deep communication and cooperation.

Article 70 Alumni refers to the students or trainees who have ever studied or worked for more than three months in the University during all different historical periods, as well as all faculty and staff.

Article 71 The University sets up Alumni Association to unite and serve for all the alumni, which shall give priority to providing the alumni with further education and other services, and encourage their participation in the development of the University.

Chapter IX University Identity

Article 72 The University’s motto is “Integrity, Professionalism, Erudition and Competence”.

Article 73 The University Emblem includes the University Badge and Logo. The University Badge is red with white characters and yellow border for faculty and staff, white with scarlet characters and yellow border for students.
The University Logo consists of three pen nibs with colors of red, green and blue and three concentric circles of different radii. The University’s English name "COMMUNICATION UNIVERSITY OF CHINA" is above the outer ring, while the Chinese name "中国传媒大学"is below.
The Logo Picture:

Article 74 The University Flag is a red rectangular flag. White Chinese name and English name of CUC are placed in the middle and the University badge is on the top left corner.
The Flag Picture:

Article 75 The University Song is “A Row of Young Poplar on Campus” with lyrics written by Ye Yanbin and music composed by Liu Tianli.

Article 76 The University anniversary is September 7th.

Chapter X Supplementary Provisions

Article 77 The formulation and amendment of the Charter shall be submitted to the Faculty and Staff Congress for discussion, examined by the President’s Administrative Meeting, decided by the University Party Committee Plenary Meeting, and ultimately submitted to the educational administrative department of the State Council for approval.

Article 78 The Charter shall be the basic norm of the University. Other rules and regulations within the University shall be formulated and amended in accordance with the Charter and shall not be inconsistent with this charter.

Article 79 The University Party Committee reserves the right of interpretation for this Charter.

Article 80 The Charter shall go into effect from the date of being issued after the approval.