The Charter of Communication University of China

Article 19 The University’s Party Committee shall serve as the core leadership of the University and perform its own duties in accordance with the laws and the regulations of the Chinese Communist Party. The University’s Party Committee shall guide the University’s development orientation, make decisions on major issues, oversee major decisions, support the President independently and responsibly performing his or her duties, and ensure the fulfillment of all talent cultivation tasks.

The University’s Party Committee’s primary duties are as follows:
(1) to comprehensively implement the Party’s lines, principles, policies and the education guideline, the University shall keep running the university in a socialism-oriented way, stick to taking high value of morality and talent cultivation, and keep governing the University according to the laws. The University shall promote its development by relying on all faculty, staff and students, foster students in all-round development, and help them become qualified builders and reliable successors for the socialism with Chinese characteristics;
(2)  to discuss major issues and basic management systems concerning the University reforms, development, and stability as well as teaching, scientific research and administrative management;
(3) to adhere to the principle of managing cadres under the leadership of the Party, the University’s Party Committee shall be responsible for the selection, education, cultivation, assessment and supervision of cadres in accordance with its authority; to discuss and decide the establishment of internal institutions and their director candidates thereof; to recommend leading cadres and reserve cadres in accordance with the relevant procedures; and to reasonably arrange the work for retired cadres;
(4) to adhere to the principle of managing talents under the leadership of the Party; to discuss and make decisions on plans and policies concerning personnel issues; to innovate the talents fostering system and mechanism; to optimize growing-up environment for talents; and to arrange and advance the construction of various talents teams;
(5) to provide guidance for ideological and political work and moral education in the University; to adhere to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the teachers and students; to cultivate and implement core socialist values; to firmly hold the leadership, management, and discourse power over the ideological of the University; and to safeguard the security and stability of the University and promote the construction of the harmonious campus;
(6) to strengthen the University’s cultural construction, give full play to its educational function and develop a sound university spirit, study and teaching style;
(7) to strengthen the leadership of the grass-roots party organizations; to develop, educate, manage, and serve the Party members properly; to develop inner-party democracy at grass-roots level; to give full play to the bastions role of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard role of party members; to strengthen the self-construction of the University’s Party Committee;
(8) to lead the discipline inspection of the University Party and fulfill the leading responsibility of building a transparent and honest administration in the University, and promote the establishment of a punishing and preventing system towards corruption;
(9) to lead organizations such as the Labor Union, the Communist Youth League, the Students’ Union, and the Faculty and Staff Congress of the University, and guide the United Front effectively;
(10) to discuss and decide on other major issues related to the faculty, staff, and students’ vital interests.
The University’s Party Committee shall practice the combined system of both collective leadership and individual responsibility and adhere to democratic centralism. Major issues and critical matters are decided by discussion of the Committee. The members of the university-level leadership shall perform their duties in accordance with their respective work.
The Secretary of the University’s Party Committee shall preside over the comprehensive work of the Party Committee, be responsible for organizing important activities of the Party Committee, coordinate the work of Party Committee leaders, supervise and check the implementation of the Party Committee Resolution, coordinate the working relationship between the Party Committee and the President actively, and support the President’s work.
Between the plenary sessions of the University’s Party Committee, its Standing Committee shall perform the duties thereof.

Article 20 The China Communist Party Discipline Inspection Commission of CUC is an inner-party supervisory institution. Under the leadership of both the University’s Party Committee and higher-discipline inspection commission, the Commission shall perform the following duties: to supervise the implementation of the Party’s lines, principles, policies, resolutions and important decisions by the University; to assist the University’s Party Committee in building a clean and transparent university and fighting against corruption; and to safeguard and promote the sound development of all undertakings of the University.