Study at CUC

Ⅰ Types of Programs

1Degree Programs


Basic Requirements



High school diploma or higher academic degree certificate
HSK 5 or above Chinese level. (Majors of School of Journalism requires HSK 6)

Journalism, Communication, Radio & Television Editing & Directing, Presentation Art, Advertising, Animation, etc.(49 majors in total)

Graduate(Master 2/3-year)

Bachelor Degree 

HSK 6 Chinese level.

JournalismCommunicationInternational JournalismMedia EconomicsAdvertising etc. (77 majors)


Master Degree 

HSK 6 Chinese level

Radio and TV JournalismCommunicationFilm StudiesDigital Media Art etc. (30 majors)

Master's Program Taught

in English(2-year)


Bachelor’s Degree
English proficiency equivalent to
TOEFL 79 or IELTS 6.0

New MediaInternational Journalism and Communication, Cross-culture Studies


Dual Award Master Program (2-year)


Bachelor’s Degree, in which the CGPA is not lower than 3.0 on a scale of 4.0

HSK 6 Chinese level

Students wishing to enroll on dual award must have an IELTS level 6.5 by the end of the first academic year or undertake successfully an internally assessed English test administered by Coventry University to demonstrate an equivalent level.

CUC-Coventry Dual Award Master of   International Business

Master's Program Taught

in English(1-year)

Bachelor’s Degree
English proficiency equivalent to
TOEFL 79 or IELTS6.0

IM.JC-IC (International Master of International Communication)

Doctorate Program Taught in English


Master’s Degree
English proficiency equivalent to
TOEFL 79 or IELTS6.0

Communication, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

(Please check for more details)


2Non-degree Program

Intensive Chinese Language Program

Intensive Chinese language courses in Elementary, medium and advanced levels are available.


Required courses

Selective Courses & Lectures

Cultural Experiences

Long-term study
1 academic year/
1 semester/
1 month(join in the class in semester/
3 months(join in the class in semester)

Basic Chinese, Chinese Characters and Reading, Spoken Chinese and Pronunciation Correction, Listening, Speaking, Reading, etc.

HSK Guidance, Pronunciation Correction, Chinese Calligraphy, shadowboxing etc. (the relevant courses or lectures will be held periodically)

Party for Chinese and international students, historic and cultural sites visiting,
Appreciate traditional opera, composition competition, speech competition, singing competition, Sports Games, etc.


Professional Learning

One-semester and one academic year of professional learning are available. Majors like New Media and International Journalism & Communication are taught in English. Language requirement for the professional learning of other majors/levels (Chinese medium)is the same as the degree programs.


Short-term Study



Intensive Chinese Language

Chinese Language courses (including listening,speaking,reading, writing), Chinese culture, historic and cultural sites visiting etc. can be designed according to the requirement.

English medium short-term program

Study contents are to be designed according to the contract between partner universities.

Ⅱ Expenses (in RMB)

1Application fee

Undergraduate :

art major: ¥800RMB/person;  other:¥600 RMB/person

2Tuition fee



Study Duration

Time of Start


¥24,000 RMB/Year

¥21,200 RMB/Year (Major of Chinese Language & Literature only for international students)

4 Years


Master(Chinese Medium)

¥27,000 RMB/Year

2-3 Years


Master's Program Taught in English

New Media ¥35,000 RMB/Year
International Journalism and Communication, Cross-culture Studies  ¥30,000RMB/Year
Global Communication ¥45,000RMB/Year (CUC-SFU Collaborative program, enrolled by Simon Fraser University)


International Master of International Communication
(Foreign Aid Program with Full scholarship )

2 Years










1 Year













CUC-Coventry Dual Award Master of International Business Program


¥27,000RMB/Year, & 3900 UK pounds for 60 Credits of Coventry University (optional)

(students need to pay all other expenses in UK by themselves if they choose to finish the 60-credit courses and thesis at Coventry University)

2Years (including 4 weeks to 1 semester study at Coventry University as an option)

Please refer to the program brochure for more details




¥30,000 RMB/Year

3 Years


Intensive Chinese Language

Short-term (join in the class in semester)

¥3,000 RMB/month

1 month

March, September

¥6,000 RMB/3 months

3 months

Long- term

¥8,000 RMB/semester

1 semester

March, September


1 Year



Room Type

Rate(For those who stay over 1 month)


International Center

With balcony

Double room


Independent toilet. Public kitchen & laundry room 

Single room


Without balcony

Double room


Independent toilet. Public kitchen & laundry room 

Single room


No.37 Building

Without balcony

Double room


Public Independent toilet & shower room, Public kitchen & laundry room 

Single room


· The university does not offer the reservation service of on-campus accommodation. Since the number of rooms in dormitory is limited, the university can not guarantee on-campus accommodation for every international student either. From the informed date of starting check-in every semester, students can come to the reception of the dormitory and check in with the admission documents. On-campus accommodation won’t be available once the dormitory is full.

· Please refer to the publication of the hostel for detailed price information.

· For international students who stay less than one month, the rates will be different from the above prices.

· International students can also live off campus, please make sure the lease procedures are complete and legal and apply for the “Temporary Residence” at the local police station on time.

IV、Insurance fee

Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.

All the international students are required to buy the above insurance.
¥800/person/year, ¥400/person/semester


Scholarship available for new students


Time for application



Beijing Municipal Foreign Students Scholarship


 New Students

January- June

Degree Program candidates

Reduce/remit the tuition fee of the first semester/academic year

Remark:Degree program candidates will be considered as the scholarship applicants, CUC will evaluate all applicants according to their application documents.

Chinese Government Scholarship

Apply to CUC

March- April

Master Program candidates (not available for applicants who graduated from Chinese universities or institutions within 1 year)

Full scholarship

Apply through CSC

Depends on countries & institutions

Degree & nondegree program candidates

Full scholarship, partial scholarship

★Full scholarship: remit the students¡¯ tuition fee, accommodation fee, medical insurance fee in registration duration, offer the living expenses as well
★Please check for more details
★Students can apply through the Education Division of local Chinese Embassy

Scholarship available for new students


Time for application



Beijing Municipal Foreign Students Scholarship

scholarship for excellent on-study students


On-study degree students

Reduce/remit one-semester tuition fee

Chinese Government Scholarship

scholarship for excellent international students


On-study degree students(exclude the freshmen)

Undergraduate ¥15000 RMB,Graduate  
¥30000 RMB

★Please refer to the notice of each year to check the quotas

VI. Application Requirements  & Procedures

1Application requirements




Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid passport or 4 years or above verification of nationality, and with over 2 years living abroad records (9 months in a year living abroad can be considered as 1 year which is subject to the entry & exit stamps) in recent 4 years (before April 30th of every academic year), between 18 and 35 years of age, with high school diploma or higher academic degree certificate, and good academic record. Applicants for majors in science should demonstrate a certain level of knowledge in mathematics and physics.


Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid passport , have academic credentials that equate with bachelor’s degree in China, under 40 and provide academic credentials paper, at least two recommendation letters issued by associate professors or above.


Applicants should have academic credentials that equate with master’s degree in China, under 50 and provide academic credentials paper, at least two recommendation letters issued by associate professors.

Language Student

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid passport, between 18-45 years of age.

2、Time for application

(1) undergraduate: 
      Art majors: January 1st to May 10th, 2019

      General majors:  January 1st  to May 30th, 2019

(2) graduate: January 1st to May 30th, 2019
(3) long-term intensive Chinese language program:
   · Spring semester: February 28th,2019 (deadline)
   · Fall semester: August 31st,2019 (deadline)
(4) short-term Chinese language program: 30 days before the program starts

3、Online application
Log on the website  to register, and upload application materials according to the relevant requirement.Pay application fee online.

Pay application fee online.
Wait for the qualification examination and admission.
Please note:
① Every applicant can register for two major at most. All application fees are non-refundable.
② Please double check your application information before submission. Once the information is submitted, it cannot be changed. 
③ Please keep a record of your application username and password for future exam and enroll results query. No enquiry service is available at the School of International Education. 

4、Required Application Materials

(1)  “Warranty Letter” ( Please download the“Warranty Letter” at the online registration system after your online application is confirmed at the same time, the“Warranty Letter” shall be signed by the guarantor or affix one's seal) 
(2) Scanned copy of passport (front page and visa page) and residential permit if available.
(3) Electronic photo with white background (minimum size: 640dpi*480dpi)

Undergraduate program applicants need to attach:
(4) Scanned copy of high school diploma (or a Certificate of Expected Graduation), and high school transcript. (Original documents need to be offered for check on registration day)
(5)One Recommendation Letter with school seal or signature of the referee.

(6) HSK Certificate and scanned copy of original transcript.
Graduate program applicants need to attach:
(4) Scanned copy of university diploma (or a Certificate of Expected Graduation), and  university transcript. (Original documents need to be offered for check on registration day)
(5) Two recommendation letters of associate professors (scanned copies)
(6) Personal Statement: The content shall include the applicant’s education and professional experience, academic achievements, research plan and the goal of development after graduation (written in the language which will be used in future lectures).
(7) Research Plan: applicants for Master program need to write no less than 2000 characters and applicants for PhD program need to write no less than 3000 characters in the language which will be used in future lectures. 
(8) Copy of publicized academic papers, awards and other research achievements. 
(9) HSK level-6 Certificate and an original copy of transcript (Chinese Medium program applicable). 
For English medium programs, TOFEL or ILTES reports need to be offered if the applicant’s mother language is not English and his/her previous study & working experiences cannot prove his/her English level.

In addition, for those who are applying broadcasting-related majors, please provide video material, provisions are as follow:
Contents (9 minutes in total):
① News broadcasting (3 minutes maximum, open-ended subjects)
② Programme host (3 minutes maximum, open-ended subjects)
③ Literature reciting (3 minutes maximum, open-ended subjects)
File format and medium:
①Mp4 only
②Computer readable CD
Other materials to demonstrate the applicants’ talents. 
Notice for foreign citizens of Chinese origin:
For those who were born overseas and got the nationalities after birth,, please offer the birth certificate.
For those who have changed their nationalities from Chinese into others, please follow the provisions of “the Ministry of Education Foreign Students Education〔2009〕No.83” and provide the following documents:
① Naturalization Certification;
② Certification for Chinese Household Registration Cancellation;
③ Copy of Passport’s entry and exit signature/stamp pages for the last four years;
④ Proof of overseas education experience for the last four years (from April 30th, 2015 to April 30th, 2019) In addition, for those who was born overseas and holding a foreign nationality, please provide your birth certificate.

5、Interview of Art Major and Major of Chinese Language & Literature(Undergraduate)

(1) For applicants in China, please come to CUC and take part in the interview

For Art Majors:  May 17th ,2019  (Friday)  1:00 pm-4:00pm
For Major of Chinese Language & Literature (Choose one from the following)
First Writing Exam & Interview :  May 17th, 2019 (Friday) 1:00pm-3:00pm
Second Writing Exam & Interview: June 7th ,2019 (Friday) 9:00am-11:00am

(2) For applicants abroad, please prepare the video and other works as required(video should include self introduction, talent show and brief introduction to the works attached etc.), submit them before May 10th .(Applicants for Chinese Language & Literature need to come to the university and take part in the writing exam and interview.)
(3) Tips for the interview:
i. All the art and Chinese Language & Literature major applicants should come to CUC for the interview on time. CUC doesn’t have other interview sites outside campus
ii. Please confirm the information of the applicant on interview day with the passport of applicant. “Examination ID Card” will be issued then. All the applicants are required to show the passports and “Examination ID Cards” before the interview starts
iii. Please strictly obey the rules of the interview, be in proper dress, and no smoking around the exam area. Applicants should leave the exam area immediately after the interview, and should not stay to discuss about the content of the interview. Violators will be disqualified
iv. Accommodation and other relevant expenses during the examination should be afforded by the applicant

v. Please pay attention to the update notice and other latest information issued by the international students section

For query about the interview, please dial:  +86-10-6577-9359


6、Admission Procedures

(1) Criteria
For applicants of General Majors, the University will decide upon the admission based on HSK grades, application materials and the admission quota of each major
For applicants of Arts Majors, the University will decide upon the admission based on HSK grades, application materials and the interview or video/other relevant works
        The University will decide upon the admission based on HSK grades, application materials and the admission quota of each major
③Language Students: The University will decide upon the admission based on application materials and the admission quota
(2) Admission 

①Admission result query

    Applicants can log on the online application system and check the admission result & scholarship information after the following dates:

    April 30th 2019 Undergraduate in General Major & Self-supporting Graduate (first batch)

    May 30th 2019 Undergraduate in General/ Art Major & Self-supporting Graduate (second batch)

    June 20th 2019 Undergraduate in General Major & Self-supporting Graduate (third batch)

②Language students can log on the online application system and check the admission result two weeks after submit the application successfully.

③The letter of admission will be issued two weeks after the publication of the admission results. According to the information the offered by the applicants in the online system, we’ll deliver the letter of admission, or the applicants can come to our office and claim by themselves.


Ⅶ. Contact Information

Tel:  +86-10-6577-9359
Fax: +86-10-6578-3578
Self-supporting Undergraduate Program: Ms Zhang (E-Mail:    
Graduate Program(including self-supporting and Chinese Government Scholarship Program):Ms Li (                       
Language Program & Short-term Program: Ms. Chen (E-mail:
Address: International Students Office (Room C213)
International Center
Communication University of China
No.1 DingFuZhuang East Street, ChaoYang District,
Beijing, 100024
P.R. China



. Bank Account Information

Beneficiary: Communication University of China
Bank Account:  0200003809088005906Opening Bank: Balizhuang Branch, Chaoyang District, Beijing
              Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Swift Code: ICBKCNBJBJM (In additional comments, write your name, nationality and the words “tuition fee”.)

. Registration

(1) Registration:
①International students must register at the time specified in the “Letter of Admission”. Students who cannot register on time due to special reasons must submit formal paper application (less than 2 weeks) to Communication University of China one week before the registration day; otherwise he/she will be regarded as giving up student status automatically
②Self-supporting students should pay 1-year tuition fee on the registration day
③Provide 6 2-inch white background photos on registration day
④Pay the insurance fee on registration day
(2) Visa:
①International students should hold an ordinary passport with student visa ("X" visa) to come to China; otherwise he/she may not be able to register at Communication University of China. If you are already in China with “Residence Permit”, please come to the office to pay the tuition fee and extend your visa 1 month before the expiring date.
②Students with "X" visa after entering China should register at the office within 7 days, and apply for “Residence Permit” at the police station within 30 days. Overdue will be punished by the police station, for serious violation, school will cancel your admission.
③International students who hold student visa (“X” visa) should provide all the original medical examination results to International Student Office, including: the “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner”, blood lab reports for AIDS and Syphilis, ECG report, X-ray report. The report will be valid in 6 months, overdue, you should do it again. 

All the information above is subject to change by the International Office.
The document comes into force ever since it is issued.


Study at CUC