Elegant Stars Shine at the 15th Capital Universities Talent Show

Author:Li Langqing, Liu Yanqiu     December 21,2018

The final of 15th Capital Universities "The Elegant Star" Talent Show was successfully held at the CUC Auditorium on Friday, Dec 14. Hosted by the student union of CUC, the show has drawn wide attention from society since the audition stage. The final evening was live on multiple platforms, undertaken by CUCTVOB. More than one thousand students signed up for the competition in total, and eventually ten contestants entered the final after selection. With the theme of "A Travel Back to the Old Days", the competition began and all the contestants couldn’t wait to show their talent to impress the audience.


Mao Zengli, a sophomore who majors in Drama, Film and Television Literature at National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, adapted the songs Falling Stars and Thinking Out Loud  for rock style and performed them with his band.

Chen Jiemei majors in Sociology in Beijing University of Technology. Her skillfully singing Never Tear Us Apart and Alone (《一个人》) exhibited her power and strength.

Majoring in Business Management at Beijing University of Technology, Gao Sihan has a keen interest in dancing. His solo dance performances For Hope and Mirror showed his incredible command over dancing.

Ye Zihao, a senior student majoring in Broadcasting and Hosting Art at CUC, brought his original rap Old School(《老学校》) and presented it with three vocals and a group of dancers.

Lu Ling who studies Audio Directing at CUC sang Scars to Your Beautiful and Locked (《上了锁》), which revealed her unique personalities.

Zhang Kewei, a freshman majoring in Vocal Performance at CUC, chose to show her special charm by performing a traditional opera The Drunken Concubine (《贵妃醉酒》).


 After the wonderful performance by Sunmao Music (榫卯音乐)the second round began and contestants kept surpassing themselves. BaHaNa is a dancing duo made up of two girls, Zhao Honghan and Chen Xuening who are from Audio Directing at CUC and News at Beijing International Studies University. Their group dance We Are Soldiers perfectly showed their street dancing skills and had amazing scene effect.

After two rounds of intense competition, only five contestants stood out and entered the final round. Ku-i Jinlong, a senior student majoring in Economics at Beijing Normal University, impressed the audience with the theme song of Us and Them(《后来的我们》).

R-TUS is a duo consisting of Yan Ran and Duan Delu, who are junior students from Radio and Television Engineering and Audio Directing major of CUC. They won a storm of applause with their fabulous movie dubbing performance Being in the Reality of Sound(《声临其境》). In the final round, R-TUS brought a live show of Rather Be. With the cello, violin, saxophone, and clarinet accompanying the lead singer, R-TUS’s B-box gave an outstanding performance.

Yang Ge, who majors in Electronic Music Producing at CUC, turned the whole auditorium up with a song remix Bo’re(《般若》) using the launchpad. Different from the last two rounds, he sang Wait(《等待》) without an electronic music performance, showing the judges and audiences his superb singing skills.

Yang Ge win the first prize at the final of 15th Capital Universities "The Elegant Star" Talent Show

The exciting moment came when the host announced the winners’ list. According to results, Yang Ge became the champion while BaHaNa won second prize, and Ku-i Jinlong was in the third place. According to online voting result, Chen Jiemei won the Most Popular Contestant Award. The Most Potential Award was given to R-TUS. Zhang Kewei won the Most Impressive Stage Performance Award. The Best Dream Making Award  was presented to Ye Zihao.



 Editor: Hu Zhenchao,Arshad Bhatti