'Guide of Travelling Beyond Time' Associations Glow in the Rhyme of Autumn Successfully Held

Author:An Bowen     November 14,2018

The 10th Associations Glow in the Rhyme of Autumn successfully concluded at CUC Auditorium on Friday, Nov 9. 

Hosted by the Union of Student Association and guided by Chinese Communist Youth League Committee of CUC, this evening party presented twenty-four magnificent and professional performances to the audience. Chen Wenshen, chairman of the University Council, Jiang Xufan, Vice Chairman of the University Council, together with leaders of all faculties and departments, chairmen of Communist Youth League from Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other seven provinces and municipalities attended the ceremony.

The party was themed “Guide of Travelling beyond Time”, with a stage converted into a cabin of spacecraft. All the 24 performances were linked by broadcasting of two flight attendants (the host and hostess of evening party), VCR of the captain (an actor in this evening party) and the simulation animation of outer space.


A proscenium stage with the sense of technology (Photo by An Bowen)

The theme of this party was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, a sci-fi movie released in 1968. “We wanted to bring audiences an immersive experience by using the proscenium stage in CUC Auditorium, which would give audiences a better feeling of traveling in space,” said Zhuang Canjie, the chief director of the 10th Associations Glow in the Rhyme of Autumn.

Another feature of the show was the use of full color laser, which was much more stereoscopic than ordinary light. 


Colorful lasers present audiences a stereoscopic vision. (Photo by An Bowen)

At the beginning of the show, the PASSWORD Dancing Club performed a group dance "Worship of Joy", which lit up the atmosphere with stylish dancing moves and bright rhythm.


PASSWORD Dancing Club performing Worship of Joy (Photo by An Bowen)

The Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Students’ Development Association edited and dubbed multiple well-known video clips, having made audiences burst into laughter.


Dubbing makes audiences laughed. (Photo by An Bowen)

A humorous and amusing cross talk “If I Had the Money” was presented by Xiaoshengtang, the Cross Talk Association of CUC, set off a burst of laughter.


Vivid cross talk presented by Xiaoshengtang uses a lot of punch lines. (Photo by Zhang Fengyi)

The song "Dawn of the Autumn Moon" was performed by Virtual Reality Association. With a translucent curtain hanging in front of the stage, they projected the autumn scenery onto it with a projector, which was also a rare performing form in CUC. Audiences experienced the magic of technology and the lovely song.


Amazing holographic projection coheres with classic music perfectly. (Photo by The Union Of Student Association) 

The smooth performance of X Skater – Roller Skating Association showed the perfect combination of sports and art, accompanied with music lighting the passion of audiences.


A roller skating player jumping over five persons (Photo by An Bowen)

"Let's get loud" presented by Amigos Latin Dancing Association fully demonstrated the glamour and vitality of Latin dance. 


Latin dancers' performances are full of  emotion and energy. (Photo by Zhang Fengyi)

At the end of the evening party, Liu Guonan, a famous magician graduated from CUC, presented a magic show to everyone through video call. The feeling of "leaving home thousands of miles, with a heart in CUC" was touching.

Liu Guonan is performing magic tricks through video call. (Photo by The Union Of Student Association)

"This is my very first time to come to CUC and watch evening party. The atmosphere is amazing, including the interaction between audiences and performers as well as the overall theme design and the connection between programs are creative and refreshing,” said Zhao Chongyuan, a student from Beijing Electronics Science & Technology Institute.

Associations Glow in the Rhyme of Autumn is held every year after the “100 Associations’ Battle”, which has been held for ten years so far. It is aimed at demonstrating the talents of each association and the construction results of university associations. 

Editor: Jiang Chuqin, Arshad Bhatti