President Liao Xiangzhong Heads a Delegation to Korea

Author:Hu Jinli     September 11,2018

From August 30 to September 3, a CUC delegation headed by President Liao Xiangzhong attended 2018 Asia Research Center Conference in Korea. To promote inter-school exchanges, the group visited a number of well-known universities and academic institutions including the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS), Dong-A University and Dongseo University.

The 2018 Asia Research Center Conference was held in Seoul on August 31. The theme of the conference was “Future Knowledge Society and Universities: Inovation and Integration”, aiming at strengthening academic exchange between Asia and other regions.

Group photo of key attendees at the opening ceremony

President Liao Xiangzhong delivered a speech titled “Guard Human Value with the Power of Media”. Other guests also addressed during the conference. 

President Liao Xiangzhong delivers a speech

18 directors of Asia Research Center from different Asian countries attended the Joint Conference of Asia Research Center Directors on the same day. Professor Ding Junjie, director of Asia Media Research Center and deputy director of Academic Committee of CUC, presided over the meeting while deputy director Wen Chunying briefed about the efforts and achievements of the CUC center. 

Professor Ding Junjie presides over the Joint Conference of Asia Research Center Directors

Asia Media Research Center in CUC is a research institution established by CUC and KFAS, has held 13 Asia Media Forum since 2002, having funded 169 projects covering fields of research.

The CUC delegation also visited Dong-A University and Dongseo University. Formal talks were settled by the two universities to exchange the view of Sino-Korea culture and education communication. 

Liao Xiangzhong (L), President of CUC and Han Xizheng, President of Dong-A University

Liao Xiangzhong (L), President of CUC and Zhang Jiguo, President of Dongseo university

President Liao Xiangzhong along with President Zhang Jiguo also visited the CUC students studying in Korea.



President Liao Xiangzhong visits CUC students studying in Korea


CUC students studying in Dong-A University


Editor: Cao Wanchen, Arshad Bhatti