China’s Mainstream Media Covers CUC’s International Master of International Communication Program

Author:He Min     September 10,2018

International Master of International Communication Program gained extensive attention of China’s mainstream media during the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

Based on advantageous recourses in academic fields of media and communication, Communication University of China (CUC) has been offering International Master of International Communication Program (IMIC) since 2011. This one-year program is designed for students from developing countries with diverse backgrounds. It closely integrates theoretical courses with practical fieldwork. Students could gain from this program effective skills for international communication practice, and capability for critical analysis on public policies related to international communication.

Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Beijing Daily and several other media organizations interviewed Zhang Yanqiu, in-charge of this program, and reported the program along with its achievements through various aspects.

Reports on Beijing Daily

During the last seven years, CUC has produced 182 outstanding newsmen and information officers who are working in African media and government organizations currently, reported Beijing Daily. This program not only opened a window for African students to know more about China but also raised these envoys to broadcast Chinese stories in Africa, boosted cultural communication and media cooperation. Among these overseas students, there were news officers working for the president of South Africa as well as South Sudan, and also those who working as the Chief of East African media Daily Nation. A variety of anchors, editors, reporters once studying in CUC worked in mainstream media in Africa.

Beijing Daily praised CUC’s program making African students know more about relations between China and Africa through news transmitting angle and giving them a mind of "China visual angle". In the meantime, Beijing Daily’s printed version published the same report and, Sohu reprinted it.

Reports on Xinhua News Agency

In addition, new media from Xinhua News Agency made a video about Zhang Yanqiu teaching her African students and making friends with them. Also, this video has gained more than 1.25 million clicks and views.

On September 4, Zhang Yanqiu went to CCTV's new media studio with her master graduates from this program and talked about media and culture communication between China and Africa.

Live Show in CCTV Studio

In CUC’s International Master of International Communication Program, two thirds of students came from 26 African countries and there had been 123 African students graduated and returned back to their countries, working in mainstream media and information departments in the government. Some of them chased for their PhD degrees in CUC and had become international youth scholar majoring in media study.

Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education of PRC, this program aims at cultivating advanced media talents. The program is conducted by Institution of Communication Studies (ICS) of CUC and has held up to seven grades of students from Kanye, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Grenada, Jamaica and nearly 56 developing countries.

In 2018, there will be 19 students from 11 countries coming to CUC as new members of the 8th program and starting their unforgettable campus life.


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