Candidates Throng in CUC for Admission Interview

Author:Arsh, Ning Xueqi     June 12,2018


Candidates waiting for interview at Communication University of China, Jun 11,2018.

A huge number of candidates on Monday thronged into Communication University of China(CUC) to try their luck for admission in the upcoming academic session starting from September 2018. Having glow of hope on faces and shine of confidence in eyes, the admission aspirants have come to CUC from across the country for interview. Most of the candidates were accompanied by their parents.

Some 9192 candidates had applied for admission on 140 seats while 4058 had passed the preliminary test and got confirmation for interview and further exam. The interviews started on Monday while the exam will take place on Wednesday. The final results will be announced on June 22. This year some 140 lucky candidates will be awarded admission.

CUC has placed tags and signs in the campus

On the occasion, the university placed the tags and signs at different places in the campus for guidance of the candidates and volunteers set up stalls to provide information about the policy, enrollment score, and the examination room etc.

Seven majors from two faculties of CUC including Faculty of Journalism and Communication and Faculty of Science and Technology have independent enrollment.

These seven majors are Broadcast Journalism, International Journalism and Communication, TV Photography, Editing and Publishing of New Media, Network and New Media in School of Television, Data Journalism in School of Journalism, and Broadcast and Television Engineering in Faculty of Science and Technology.

 Editor: Cao Wanchen