CUC Holds 16th Vision Youth Awards

Author:Zhu Ningjie     June 11,2018

A glimpse of the ceremony of the 16th Vision Youth Awards at Communication University of China in Beijing, June 8, 2018. 

The 16th Vision Youth Awards ceremony was held in Communication University of China (CUC) last Friday night. The event was co-sponsored by CUC Faculty of Journalism and Communication, the Vision Youth Awards Committee, West-Strait Cultural Media Corporation and Beijing Lanmei Handicraft Creative Culture Corporation.

Aiming at building a professional and open communication platform for young film makers, the Vision Youth Awards makes great efforts to collect extraordinary video works of university students across the globe. This year, it collected 668 pieces in total however, 124 among them were shortlisted while 28 pieces of video works were nominated. Hundreds of thousands of youngsters and six hundred universities from 26 different countries and regions participated in the activity.

This year’s Vision Youth Awards added a special part—To pay tribute to China’s TV industry for 60 years. Famous TV hosts incluing Moon sister from China Central Television (CCTV), Li Kun from BTV, Lin Hai from Dragon TV, Shen Tao from Zhejiang Satellite TV (ZJSTV), Guo Xiaomin from JSTV and others told China’s TV industry 60-year stories. Liu Wei sang a song to pay respect to China’s TV industry and all TV anchors.

Participants of special part‘To Pay Tribute to China’s TV Industry for 60 Years’
This year, Vison Youth Awards set up 12 honorary titles including Best Work of the Year, Best Middle School and High School Students’ Documentary, Best Director Work, Best Cinematography, Best Product, Best Screenplay, Best Feature Work, Best Long Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Gender Attention Work, Products of Extraordinary Female Director and Brand Choice Work.

This year's Best Work of the Year went to Dave Zhang, a student of USC School of Cinematic Arts. His science-fiction film Cupcake tells a story of a high school girl, Yui, who makes cupcakes as part-time job, and a tech nerd, Kazuhiko.

There was a special award: Best Middle School and High School Students' Documentary, aimed at encouraging young teenagers to make films on their own. In this year's ceremony, the award went to two under 18-year-old high school student directors, Song Yuanfeng and Zhao Wenrui, from Beijing National Day School.

Host Zhang Shaogang(L) and Hua Shao(R)  

CUC Professor Zhang Shaogang and ZJSTV host Hua Shao hosted the 16th Vision Youth Awards Ceremony. CUC University Council Chairman Chen Wenshen and CUC President Liao Xiangzhong also attended the colorful event.

Popular singers Zhang Xinzhe, Mao Buyi, Liu Wei, Qi Wei and Fu Longfei gave their best wishes to Youth Vision Award. At the same time, the evening party was on live on five media platforms, such as iQIYI, Douyu, bilibili, Yi Live and 1905 Film Net.

Popular singer Zhang Xinzhe sings Faith at the ceremony

Popular singer Fu Longfei sings We at the ceremony

CUC University Council Chairman Chen Wenshen and CUC China Network Video Research Center Director Zhong Danian, UN Women’s Agency Official Ma Leijun, Shooting Webcast President Liang Yu, Founder of iQIYI Gong Yu, Talk-show actress Wang Siwen, Director of The rap of China Che Che, Director of Yearning Life Wang Zhengyu, Director of Cross-boundary Singing King Gong Peng, Producer of Roast He Xiaoxi, Director of Running Man Season1-3 Cen Junyi, hostess Xie Nan, and Olympic champion Liu Xuan were award presenters.

Wu Kequn(L), He Xiaoxi (R)

Wang Zulan

Cen Junyi(L), Liang Yu(R)

This year’s Vision Youth Awards had a powerful jury presidium which comprised of CUC China Network Video Research Director Zhong Danian, Director of China Documentary Research Center He Suliu, Documentary producer and Qinghua University Professor Lei Jianjun, host He Jiong, and writer Jiang Feng. Well-known director Martin Campbell, Show Me Shorts president Gina Dellabarca, Tampere Short Film Festival executive chairman Thom Palmen and Columbia University Short Film Festival president Jaime E. Manrique are among the international advisory groups.

Founded in 2003, Vision Youth Awards became more and more international and excellent with the every passing year. Vision Youth Awards will step into a larger international platform aiming at encouraging youths to use video to tell new-time stories.


Winners List:

Best Work of the Year: Cupcake

Best Middle School and High School Students' Documentary: If you meet an angel

Best Director Work: Lotus Root

Best Cinematography Work: Durian Durian

Best Product Work: Oasis

Best Screenplay Work: Unknown

Best Feature Film: Cupcake

Best Long Documentary Work: Red Hair Emperor

Best Short Documentary Work: Placeing

Gender Attention Work: Pink Pill

Products of Extraordinary Female Director Work: The edge of the time

Brand Choice Work: Ka Wa Ge Bo




Editor: Cao Wanchen, Arsh