Hakuhodo Consultant Kato Visits CUC for Further Partnership

Author:Wang Wei     June 01,2018

Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan meets with Hakuhodo Consultant Kato at CUC, on May 25, 2018 (Photo/Chen Yi)

Jiang Xufan, Vice Chairman of the University Council met with Hakuhodo Consultant Kato last Friday.They had a conversation on sei-katsu-sha research program operated by both sides and discussed further cooperation.

On behalf of Communication University of China (CUC), Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan expressed his gratitude for the support and cooperation from Hakuhodo and Consultant Kato. CUC always cherishes the opportunity to cooperate with world-class research institutions and based on the “Double First-Class” Initiative, CUC expects a sustainable cooperation with Hakuhodo and further exchanges in more subjects and fields.

On the occasion, Consultant Kato said CUC as a renowned university in the field of Journalism and Communication in China had competitive schools including Advertising School, which had a high academic reputation. CUC Advertising School has published the research achievements five times in five years since the sei-katsu-sha’s discovery and research program was initiated in 2012 and the research achievements drew great attention from clients and research institutes. Consultant Kato expressed his gratitude to CUC as well as Professor Huang Jinghua’s research group of Advertising School and expected a wider and deeper cooperation. Vice Dean of CUC Advertising School attended the meeting as well.

1895, Hakuhodo is a global top ten integrated marketing solutions company. Sei-katsu-sha research program of Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living(HILL) is well-known in advertising communication field for its deep insight of sei-katsu-sha. Professor Huang Jinghua’s consumer research group in Advertising School of CUC and HILL (Shanghai) initiated the annual sei-katsu-sha research project for cooperation in 2012.

This cooperative research takes sei-katsu-sha’s action insight as the topic and selects new research subjects every year and publishes the output. They have published the research achievements five times in five years titled The Dynamics of Chinese People2013: Chuangxuan -the behavior characteristic and the psychological insight of the urban youth; The Dynamics of Chinese People 2014: Xinfeng - The Emerging Group of Information Dissemination in China; The Dynamics of Chinese People 2015:Outrageous Consumption - A New Picture Of Chinese Consuming Behavior; The Dynamics of Chinese People 2016: Xianneng - Provider of New Products and Service, along with Its Influence; The Dynamics of Chinese People 2017: Yu Le - Creating New Trend for Cultural Consumption and Its Insight.


Editor: Cao Wanchen, Arsh