Student of Advertising School Wins the First Prize in the 2018 Local Young Lions Competition

Author:Hu Jinli     May 31,2018

Zhao Yuhan, a CUC student of Advertising School won first place in the local Cannes Lions competition. She participated in the 2018 Young Lions Competition held in Beijing, China from May 4 to May 7.

A group photo of the winners (Zhao Yuhan, the first one on the left) and Lao Shuangen, the chairman of the judges

The “Local Young Lions Competition” was designed to publicize the contest, by means of print, film, marketing and PR. About 40 contestants qualified for the primary and presented proposals in English, among whom Zhao stood out and was highly commended on her creativity and practicability by the judges.

Zhao’s proposition “Own a Red” integrated red carpet which is well-known worldwide with event marketing, is meant to recycle the red carpet for Cannes Advertising Festival on the previous year. Celebrities invited to Cannes will sign their names on red carpet fragments, and after installing the fragments delicately and auctioning them, Zhao recommended to launch the April Cannes lion special issue with those carpet fragments. In this way, let Cannes young lions Competition trials get more exposure and attract more attention.

"I realize my love for advertising much more during the competition. In the order hand, what I won is what I have learnt in university as an undergraduate student for four years. And I hope in time to come I would be capable of competing with professionals. ”Zhao said after being rewarded.

Zhao Yuhan is presenting her proposal

Cannes Lions was originated in 1954, and it’s regarded as to the "the Oscar of advertising", and also Lions Competition is for youngsters under the age of 30. Professionals and students are recruited every April and two of the student competitors will be chosen to attend the training of Cannes RH College for one week. A CUC graduate student of advertising Zhu Benqi also won the opportunity in 2015.


Editor: Ding Qi, Prince