Distinguished Alumnus Bai Yansong Signs the Cooperation Agreement Concerning CALF CUP to Support the Development of CUC

Author:Wang Huiyi, Jiang Chuqin     May 29,2018

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Communication University of China(CUC) alumnus Bai Yansong and CUC Education Foundation concerning the CALF CUP earlier this month. Chen Wenshen, Chairman of the University Council of CUC signed the agreement with Bai Yansong.

CUC Council Chairman Chen Wenshen(L) and Bai Yansong signs the cooperation agreement

Having a history of more than 10 years, the CALF CUP Social Investigation Essay Competition is a compulsory second-classroom activity for freshmen in the School of Journalism. The CALF CUP encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and to explore ongoing changes of the country while investigating those unresolved social problems. In this way, it has become the joint memory for students in School of Journalism.

Currently, Bai Yansong, honored alumnus in the class of 1989 is now a distinguished pioneer in the field of media. As one of the originators of the CALF CUP, Bai has acted as an adviser for the project since 2007 and this time he took a step forward to back up his alma mater. CUC Council Chairman Chen Wenshen thanked Bai for his contribution to the construction of Double First-Class discipline, since the discipline of Journalism and Communication of CUC was chosen as "World-class Discipline" by the Ministry of Education. Bai placed great expectations on students in the School of Journalism, saying that, “Share the unique story of CUC and create your own masterpieces.”

Bai Yansong speaks at the signing ceremony

During the past 11 years, the CALF CUP has received more than 700 social investigation reports and those awarded reports have been published in assemblage.

Titles of books carrying the awarded reports

(The one on the left covers the reports of 2004 to 2008; The right one covers the reports of 2010to 2012.)

Luozhuo Jiacuo, a Tibetan student majoring in Journalism and the editor-in-chief of CUC Campus Times, participated in two projects in 2016, the first summer of his college life. One of the projects was about the Bilingual Education in Tibet Autonomous Region, which got the third prize in the 10th CALF CUP competition. He had thought about the topic for a long time. “It gives us an opportunity to experience life in real society as an investigator and a reporter.” Luozhuo said. Besides, He along with his classmate He Yanhui, a student from Hong Kong, worked on a project about Hong Kong government’s policy of supporting the aged in different areas together. Before they got into the field investigations, the preparations had almost taken three months, during which they sought advice from the instructors, read the previous award-winning collections and searched for related references. “Fortunately, the interviewers are cooperative,” said He, adding that, “I quite enjoy the feeling of being trusted by the interviewers and I am willing to help them. It’s actually a process of knowing myself better.”

Bai Yansong attends the presentation of prize

The team winning the first prize in the 11th CALF CUP consists of three girls majoring in Journalism. Their project was about disaster warning work, pointing out that not only the government should contribute to those forecasting and defensive work but civilians should strengthen their risk consciousness and the ability to rescue themselves. Shortly after the massive landslides struck the Mao County on June 24, they went to Mao County on June 24 and stayed there for a one-week throughout field visit. “We are astonished when we saw how badly the countryside was destroyed and a feeling of sadness surged through my heart,” Zhang nan, the group leader said, “We finished a report with 1,6000 words eventually and we hope what we have done could let people around realize the importance of taking precautions against natural calamities.”

Mao County after massive landslides

Foreign student Biridogo Abou from Mali attended the 11th CALF CUP and won an Honorable Mention award. His report was about foreign students’ life in China, especially the current situation of learning in Chinese.

Biridogo Abou, the only foreign student receives the award

As the summer vacation is around the corner, the class of 2021 will have a try in the 12th CALF CUP. Wish them a rewarding trial this summer!


Editor: Cao Wanchen, Arsh