Groningen Education Delegation of Netherlands Visits CUC

Author:Xie Wenqi     May 28,2018

CUC vice president Li Xinjun meets with the education delegation from the Netherlands and held a meeting at CUC, on May 22, 2018(Photo/ Sun Hongyu)

Li Xinjun, Vice President of Communication University of China (CUC) met with the Groningen education delegation of the Netherlands last Tuesday. The delegation was led by Professor Liu Jingyi, the dean on the Chinese side of Groningen Confucius Institute.

Professor Pang Zengyu, Director of Management Office of Confucius Institute and CUC Chief Librarian, Professor Zhang Long, Deputy Director of CUC International Exchange and Cooperation Department attended the meeting.

The visit of Groningen education delegation is a part of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) Overseas Educators’ Project, which is arranged and organized by Groningen Confucius Institute and undertaken by Management Office of Confucius Institute of CUC. Among the delegates, Mr. Stephanus is the Director of the Primary and Secondary Cooperation Office of the Netherlands Ministry of Education International Education Exchange Center, and is responsible for overseas exchanges. In addition, 3 primary school principals and 6 middle school principals were also in the delegation.

During the meeting, vice president Li Xinjun expressed a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of CUC. He gave a brief introduction of the fundamental state, subject advantages and developing trend of CUC and spoke highly of Groningen Confucius Institute’s work of Chinese education in the Netherlands as well as the promotion of educational cooperation between China and the Netherlands. Also, he hoped that the delegation could have a deeper understanding of China from this trip. The delegation of the Netherlands was very surprised at and interested in the establishment of Dutch major.

Professor Pang Zengyu, who planned and organized this visit, also expressed his welcome and gratitude to the delegation for their arrival and great support to Groningen Confucius Institute‘s launching Confucius class among local primary schools and middle schools.

After this visit, the delegation will attend lectures in CUC and continue their visit to middle schools and primary schools in Beijing and Shanghai.

Editor:Cao Wanchen, Chen Yihui