CUC Alumnus Wins Cannes Special Mention Award

Author:He Min     May 24,2018

The 71st Cannes International Film Festival was held in Cannes, the southern city of France, from May 8 to 19.

Competing with around 4,000 short films, the Chinese director Wei Shujun's film ON THE BORDER was awarded Cannes Special Mention Award in the category of short film. Wei Shujun, a CUC alumnus whose major was Recording Art(Acoustics Directing), began his film career at the age of 14. The plot of ON THE BORDER revolves around a Korean teen named Hua Dongxing who decides to leave his remote village to pursue his dreams. He goes to a town to find his father and asking for travel expenses. This search takes him on a wondering roam.

ON THE BORDER takes the Cannes Special Mention Award back home

In order to complete the production of this film, the youth director lived in Yanbian area to have a vivid experience of life in that area. The deputy director had great difficulty in selecting one protagonist out of nearly 10,000 candidates. Also, the whole filming crew had experienced extreme low temperature and hot weather duration the shooting of the film.

After the public show, media from across the globe commended the film. While commenting on the film, the audiences said that they have a resonance after appreciating the short film and praised Wei Shujun for his careful observation of daily life depicted in the film.

The poster of ON THE BORDER

Wei Shujun is preparing for another crime film which has been awarded “Best youth director film award” in the 4th Zhejiang Youth Film Festival.

Editor: Wang Huiyi, Arsh