Sing to Live This Game – an Experiment on Spring of CUC

Author:Hu Zhenchao, Cao Junyi     May 22,2018

In the turning time between Spring and Summer, CUC’s annual singing competition The Spring of CUC  has just hit the stage and set off a wave of love for music throughout the campus and on Internet as well. Hundreds of music lovers gathered together to take part in the competition, and finally 10 luckiest contenders made the access to the final round which was held on May 18, 2018 here at CUC Auditorium. This year, the competition was on internet live stream at six platforms including Bilibili, ifeng, Netease, IQiyi, Weibo and, attracting more than 150,000 viewers.

Xia Mingsi sings 一无所有 to kick off the show

10 luckiest contenders altogether sing the theme song of this year’s competition


Audience get into the CUC Auditorium before the show


Camera ready for work

Last Friday night was the 34th annual competition, and the CUC Auditorium was filled with the passionate audience and their cheering applause. After three rounds of tight competition, Yan Bingyi, a sophomore majoring in Music Performing (Vocal Performing) won the first place. This year, the show was an experimental one as it was designed into a video game and used voiceover instead of hosting for the first time.

1st  Place - Yan Bingyi, Sophomore of Music Performing (Vocal Performing)

With her powerful voice singing 血腥爱情故事, Yan impressed the audience deeply in the first round and finally won the first place and was awarded the the Most Popular Singer

2nd Place - Zhao Yang, Freshman of Film Editing


The audience remembered Zhao Yang for her elegant dressing, movement and the most important, her pure voice   

3rd Place - Gao Bosi, Postgraduate student of TV Editing  

Gao Bosi touched the whole audience by his thick and strong notes, polishing the emotions in his song of sadness  

The Most Potential Award - Cui Wenhui, Senior student of Music Performing (Vocal Performing)


Cui Wenhui, dressed in pure white, moving the audience with song 心有独钟 

The Best Stage Performance Award - Deng Yi, Sophomore of Recording Art (Recording Engineering)


The annual singing competition The Spring of CUC  was started in 1985, which was then an orgy for students in CUC (named Beijing Broadcasting College at that time). In the years afterward, the competition became one of the most well-known events among students. 

Famous Singer Dong Zhen performs 繁华

" It’s not only a competition but also the starting point of my dream," said singer Dong Zhen, while she was performing her song 繁华. " I hope you all can enjoy tonight and also carry on to your dreams," She further said. Actually, Dong Zhen graduated from CUC in 2007. She took part in this annual singing competition during her student life and now she has become a professional singer. Every year there will be famous singers invited to this stage.

This year, famous singer Huang Ying, Zhou Yanying and dancing group Teamspark got on the stage to give performances.


Famous singer Huang Ying performs her signature song 映山红

Teamspark’s dancing hit the stage 

Audience watch the show

Staff trace the show on live stream

At the end of the show, the competition organizing team took the stage to express the gratitude to the whole students’ union, and to everyone who has contributed to the show for their tireless efforts to make the show a success story.


Main staff on stage show thankfulness and say goodbye

Click the link to watch the singing competition:


 Photo by: Liao Yuan

Editor: Cao Wanchen, Arsh