Prof. Yan Jinyao Wins First Prize of the Film and Radio Technology Innovation Awards

Author:Ye Jinyi     May 14,2018

The amazing thing about the futuristic IP technology is that it allows you to access video, audio, and other media information at anytime and anywhere via a public cloud owned by all media. However, it may sound fantastic that we are one step closer to this ideal situation in Professor Yan Jinyao’s lab, the center of a cutting-edge research.

Yan Jinyao, a senior professor, conducted the research in key laboratory of Media Audio & Video, along with his team of researchers at the Communication University of China(CUC) . He developed a system which uses a Software-Defined Network (SDN) incorporated with IP-based clean video switching technology. The system solved the key technical problems in IP-based production systems and won the first prize of the Film and Radio Technology Innovation Awards, the highest award of the field.

Under the backdrop of media convergence and the surge of 4K/8K ultra-high definition production, applying IP-based technology to both the production and broadcast process, is an irreversible trend. Professor Yan’s system will enable a more stabilized technological basis for TV program developers and could help open the door to answers to a host of new questions in future.

Professor Yan’s main research areas are SDN and immersive media communications. SDN enables flexible control of network traffic and provides a good platform for the innovation of core networks and applications.

In an interview with this scribe, Professor Yan said, “The basic principle of SDN is to logically separate control and data transfer. The benefit of doing so is that the innovation at the control level and the evolution at the data level complement each other. For example, the various APPs downloaded in your mobile phone do not actually need to be installed. Instead, they can be stored on cloud networks that you do not have any trace of,” he added.

The difficulty in achieving this, Professor Yan said, was partly related to cloud computing and big data operation. Despite many technical difficulties in this process, Professor Yan is willing to accept the challenge.



Editor: Cao Wanchen, Arsh