'CUC Becomes My Second Home'

Author:Jiang Yueqi     May 01,2018

In our campus, four logistical service personnel have been working here for more than 120 years in total. With Labor Day approaching, their admirable spirit of service is becoming a big inspiration for everyone in CUC.


"I would not let go of this white uniform"

Zhang Yi, vice director of Catering Services Centre of CUC, has been working at CUC since 1987

Chef Zhang was only a 18-year-old young man when he first came to CUC. Starting as a kitchen apprentice, he tried all kinds of chores and kept practicing cooking even late after work.

The regular work schedule for morning starts from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., but Chef Zhang insists in getting to work at 6 a.m. and being off at 1 p.m.  He never complained about working overtime, "Do one thing and do it well."  It was the affection for CUC that encouraged Chef Zhang to work through these decades. "It is our responsibility to perfect the dishes, to make our canteen cleaner and to provide students and teachers with better service. As an old CUCer, I would not let go of this white uniform and my emotional attachment to CUC.”

Acclaimed CUC breakfast meat pie

"30 years passed and CUC Kindergarten becomes my second home"

Chen Hong, principal of CUC kindergarten, has been working at CUC since 1986

Since 1986, Ms. Chen has been witnessing the changes of CUC kindergarten starting from several humble houses to well-equipped teaching buildings over these thirty years. CUC kindergarten has two campuses, so Ms. Chen has to divide her time into these two campuses to assure normal teaching order and teaching quality.

Ms. Chen and kindergarten kids

"It is love and understanding from kids as well as their parents that drives me forward,"she says, "seeing their smiling faces is my biggest happiness in everyday life."

Parent of Student Apartment

Gu Hongsheng, director of Zhong Lan Student Apartment, has been working at CUC since 1985

In the exhausting summer vacation of 2012, Mr. Gu along with his colleagues worked day and night in order to finish all the remodeling work in Zhong Lan Student Apartment Unit A and E within twenty days. To his delight, despite the tight schedule, students’ dormitory check-in went on smoothly without delay in the end.

"I always stay within the range of 10-minutes-walk to Zhong Lan Student Apartment and never dare to go far." From the moment he started working in Zhong Lan Student Apartment, Mr. Gu has his mobile phone on all day and never goes on a trip far away in the past twenty years. He explained that he is afraid that students cannot reach him when they are in need of help.

"Life sparkles only if by working happily"

Dong Jianxia, manager of school buildings, has been working at CUC since 1987

She cares as tenderly for every student as for her own child, whose smiling faces can put her troubles aside.

Especially during graduating examination and arts examination, Ms. Dong often gets up at 6 in the morning and keeps everything well organized. A large-scale examination always takes a whole day and lasts until 10 p.m., so Ms. Dong puts the finishing touches on the examination hall after every student and teacher leave and closes the teaching building door with peace of mind.

To students, Ms. Dong is full of patience all the time. Sometimes people feel burned out because of day to day routine, but she sticks to it for the love of this work. Ms. Dong spent thirty-one years in writing her own story about responsibility and enthusiasm doing support service.

These four teachers work quietly behind the scenes and altogether they have served CUC for more than 120 years. On this observance of International Labor Day, these professional dedications are worthy of high praise. Thank the hard-working CUC staffs for exerting themselves into making our campus a better place. 


Editor: Cao Wanchen, Wang Huiyi