Miracle Grocery Store: The Fifth 'Dance CUC' Student Dancing Club Evening

Author:Cheng Mengyang     April 25,2018

The fifth "Student Dancing Club Eve" was held by the Student Club Association in CUC Auditorium last Friday. Several student dancing clubs in CUC, guest performers from Beihang University and China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL), together with professional ballet dancers, presented a visual feast for audiences. Like the theme Miracle Grocery Store suggested, the stage was bound to be a place for everyone to forget their worries.


The opening dance by PASSWORD street dance club marked the official opening of the Miracle Grocery Store, from here the show begins.


The show was consist of three parts, each named after time: part I was named 6:00am, focusing mainly on the vitality of younger generation. Miracle· Heart· Everything by A-Tea dancing club was the first to begin. Dancers went on stage wearing different costumes. Combining pop dancing elements with ACG culture, A-Tea is the best manifestation of a youthful attitude. Others including Peppa Pig street dance by Freshman, the world-famous Peppa Pig was brought on stage, with neatly designed dance moves; And Jiang Hu, a marvelous choreographed dance originated from traditional Chinese chivalry, the two dancers, Wang Yicheng and Ye Chenyang from DE Dance club, dressed as ancient swordsmen , tried provide audiences with not only aesthetic value but also a glimpse of Chinese culture. Guest performers from CUPL and Beihang University also brought us Being Busy and the Chosen One.


Miracle· Heart· Everything —— A-Tea dancing club

Peppa Pig street dance—— Freshman Dancing Club 

 Jiang Hu——Wang Yicheng &Ye Chenyang


Being Busy—-CG Crew in CUPL


The Chosen One——Beihang University

In Part two 12:00pm, professional performers presented us with world-famous dance drama and ballet. CUC musical troupe amazed the audience with Les Rois du Monde from the famous play Romeo and Juliet; Not to miss the classical Asafyev ballet Flame of Paris, produced by SJ Ballet Centre. In this part, popular elements were blended into performance, dancers danced to hit songs, mix traditional cha-cha with modern music, in Dance Box, street dance and beat-box was combined to create a brand new audio-visual effect.


Les Rois Du Monde——CUC musical troupe


Flame Of Paris——SJ Ballet Centre


Dance Box——Duan Delu&He Xiaoyu




Goodbye My Love——Amigos

Last part of the show, 23:30pm, features a series of dance performances of different genres, each had their own background or storyline. Street dance Made in China ignited the stage with the symbolic Chinese red. The second dance of DE, Revenge, reminiscing a famous scene from Kill Bill, the diversity of dance steps was amazing; 2046, a tender waltz by Amigos Latin club, took us back to see the old-time night life in Shanghai. Banana, a lively dance drama told the story of two movie stars unprecedentedly run into each other, music and dance worked prefectly together to portray dramatic conflict.

Made in China——PASSWORD







The evening was pushed to a climax when famous magician, CUC graduate Liu Guonan, went on stage and led us into his magic world. From here the fifth Dancing Club Evening was officially drawn to an end.  For all the dance-lovers in CUC, the night is surely a miracle.

Illusions of Time and Space——Liu Guonan



Editor:Cao Wanchen, Hong Chenyang