ICUC: Internationalizing Ideological and Political Education

Author:Hong Chenyang     April 23,2018

In 2014, officially approved by Ministry of Education in China, CUC has established the Faculty of International Media of CUC - ICUC, which is a certificated Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools to gather global elites and spread Chinese wisdom.

To promote the global spread of Chinese culture and train "Global Media Citizen"(GMC) who will be with international horizon, familiar with the international rules, capable of participating in international affairs in Communication and competition. ICUC integrates ideological and political education into students' training plan, reforming and innovating the curriculum system and practice system, making students be more autonomous and creative.

Delegation from ICUC takes part in Sino Russian media meeting

Innovative courses to tell a good Chinese story
In the traditional ideological and political courses, students from ICUC are closely connected with those from School of Marxism. ICUC teaches students in accordance with their aptitude and pays attention to integrating the international background and historical experience. Besides, ICUC also has lectures on international current political frontiers by experts from Peking University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University and China Foreign Affairs University, talking about the hot issues like "One Belt One Road" ,"the South China Sea issue".

What’s more, ICUC cooperates with School of International Studies, applying for the "International Dissemination of Chinese Culture" project in College English teaching. Hong Li from School of International Studies offers classes like "English speaking" to integrate the main language ability, thinking ability and cross-cultural competence of students, then to enhance the global competency of them.

After the 19th CPC National Congress, ICUC holds an English speaking competition themed “My Country and I”

Take civic responsibilities through the grass-rooted practice
Students practice teaching plan is divided into 3 parts: Global, Media and Citizen, hoping that students' global vision of integrating Chinese and Western cultures, creative ability of expressing ideas with media works and social responsibility of being Chinese citizens will be improved in this way.

Through various domestic and international projects like”International Visual Silk Road”, ICUC leads students to deepen their understanding of the development trend of the international community and industry.

ICUC sets up a "Beautiful China Rural Practice Plan", establishing film and television practice creation bases in Shandong Laiwu, Guangxi Hezhou and Guangdong Huadu.

When the 19th CPC National Congress was held, the first party branch organization studied the nineteen major work reports of President Xi Jinping in the UK. During the annual parliamentary sessions of China, dubbed as "two sessions", the party group took to the streets and interviewed the foreigners about China.

The Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools are in the front line of the collision between Chinese and Western cultures. It is of great significance to train young people with "four confidence" spirit, to lead them to become good representatives of young generation and to help them to do a good job in ideological and political education.

"From the perspective of cultivating media talents in schools, we have a special mission, that is to explore international innovation."Dean of ICUC Luo Qing said.


Editor: Cao Wanchen