Program ' Chinese Musicians` Latin Tour' Undertaken by Confucius Institute of CUC

Author:Bia Jiaming     Source:Faculty of Literature and Law     April 02,2018

Invited by the Program “ Chinese Musicians` Latin Tour” launched by Confucius Institute Latin Center, Su Yang, an inland-wide famous Chinese singer, arrived at Confucius Institute of Federal University,  South Rio Grande, Brazil at 7 pm, March 8. He communicated with the audience about his music program “Huang He Jin Liu”( Yellow River Flows Today in Chinese). Present at the activity were the distinguished guests: local famous musician Mathus, professor Padula, Brazilian dean , and professor Gu Tiejun, Chinese dean of Confucius Institute of Federal University South Rio Grande State. Besides, a hundred teachers and students, including local Chinese Brazilians attended the activity.

 Music Activity Live Scene

In the beginning, professor Padula, Brazilian dean of Confucius Institute, delivered his speech, expressing his warn welcome of Su yang. Then professor Gu, Chinese dean of Confucius Institute, made his “Three For`” speech, expressing his deep thanks for the support from Latin Center Confucius Institute, his warm welcome for Su Yang` coming, and his strong expectation for the success of this music  culture communication. In his speech, Chinese dean , professor Gu Tiejun took “Wo” (I in Chinese) for example, explaining the difference between mandarin and north Shanxi dialect, in a delighting and humorous way introducing to the audience the specific and native folk Rock music.

 Interaction Live Scene

During the performance, Mr. Su Yang talked while singing about his experiences and feelings on the way of pursuing music. As to his program “ Huang He Jin Liu”, Su Yang mentioned his original thought is attempt to get across the cultural gene behind “ The Modern”, hoping to combine folk and modern art and hoping to dig a new expression form with new life by co-operating drawing, camera, movie, etc.

Whenever excited, Su Yang will hold his guitar immediately, speaking in music way, making the audience absorbed in his music until loud applause rises!

 Su Yang and “Huang He Jin Liu”

Following that, Su Yang invited the local folk musician Mathus, cooperate his representative works “ He Lan Shan”. This combination of western and eastern art forms brings us audience only beauty and enjoyment beyond words and beyond country borders. This activity without doubt opens the door of Chinese folk Rock music for the locals.

Photo 4 Cooperation of Su Yang and Mathus

After the performance, audience won`t leave and instead put forward to take pictures with Su Yang, using easy Chinese "Ni Hao", "Te Bie Hao" to express their love of Su Yang and Chinese music he stands for, and love of the Chinese-Brazilian music culture communication. They wish to have the chance to listen to Su Yang` live music. In conclusion, this specific beyond-word Chinese folk music shortens the heart distance between China and Brazil and promotes the culture communication of two nations!

 Group Photo with Su Yang to Mark the occasion

 Group Photo of Staff with Su Yang to mark the occasion