Students from Faculty of Journalism and Communication Work Wonders in Media During 2018 NPC&CPPCC Period

Author:Wang Huiyi, Jiang Chuqin     March 30,2018

In early March, 12 students from Faculty of Journalism & Communication were invited to join the reporting team during 2018 NPC&CPPCC (the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference) period. Divided into two groups, CUC student journalists went to China Youth Network and CPPCC Daily where they had professional interviewing, writing, editing and video production practice. Some of their works achieve more than 10 thousand times of reading. "It's a perfect opportunity for us to become all-rounders through learning and working under the help of professional advisers."

6 students working in CPPCC Daily, making their efforts in every procedure of making an episode of CPPCC Member Saloon program (Photo by Na Yuqi)

Students are filming a talk show (Photo by Na Yuqi)

Working in CPPCC Daily, 6 students from the School of Journalism worked wonders in the position of camera shooting, program directing and video clipping for CPPCC Member Saloon. "After we had arrived there, two of us were assigned to help with the construction and maintaining the official website of CPPCC Daily on which the latest news and photos of 2018 NPC&CPPCC are launched." He Yanhui, the group leader of video production said. Na Yuqi, the only freshman in the group was on the website part. Na holds the point that it is a great chance for her to enhance her photography skills. The professional adviser Song Baogang working in CPPCC Daily said he had a great time working with students from CUC, "This is the third time we work together with CUC students during the two-session period. And it's for sure that this year, these 6 students were full of passion and even made me feel like I am back to my 20s!".

CUC students together with their advisers (Photo by Tao Xinyu)

Under the direction of Cyberspace administration of China, 6 students had the honor to join the 2018 two-session reporting team of China Youth Network. Working in the convergence media lab of the School of Journalism, those students were assigned the tasks of visualizing some data and stories through pictures, videos and motion graphics. Sun Yixuan, a sophomore majoring in Data Journalism, was responsible for a graphical plot which told a story about poverty alleviation. “The workload for us is acceptable and we can strike a balance between all the tasks and academic work.” He said. It offered a valuable chance to students to apply theoretical knowledge to practice. Not only the basic journalistic abilities like writing and editing but also the skills of processing image and videos were improved. Sun said the biggest difficulty they met was how to make serious political coverage more attractive. “Through this experience, we know our limitations. There are so many things we need to learn before we start our career.”

Works of high reading quantity made by CUC students

Most of those visualized reports are reprinted by social media like Baidu, Sina, PhoenixNet and etc.

Talk show made by CUC students working in CPPCC Daily

New Coordinates of Sharing Economy in NPC Member's view

The Poverty Alleviation Steps of a NPC Member


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