CUC Teachers and Students Participate in Beijing's Eight-minute Show Promotional Film Making

Author:Hu Jinli     March 12,2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics wrapped up with the closing ceremony on Feb. 25, and as the host of the 2022 Games in Beijing, China presented an eight-minute handover show that incorporated many high-tech elements.Teachers and students of CUC participated in the Beijing's eight-minute show promotional film making, which shows kinds of winter scenery of China and expresses friendliness and warmness.


Communist Youth League Committee of CUC was sent an actor recruitment letter in November, 2017. Beijing Municipal Commission of the China Communist Youth League invited CUC students to work in the team which struggled for introducing Chinese culture to the world in Beijing's eight-minute show promotional film. Dozens of students in School of Presentation Art and Faculty of Arts were selected after strict screening and played a roles in the film-making.

Though the teachers and students faced with a wealth of hardship in Northern China’s bitterly cold winter and the final film was cut a lot, they all appreciated this rare experience. 


In addition to participating in the performances of Beijing's eight-minute show promotional film, teachers and students of CUC can also be seen in other positions. Some of them picked up the camera and joined the film-shooting. Professor Zhang Qiao instructed the camera shooting and witnessed the stamina and toughness of CUC students in the process.



 Editors:Cao Wanchen, Huang Danying