Council Meeting of Confucius Institute at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Author:Ren Ying     December 24,2018


The 2017 council meeting of the Confucius Institute of Communication University of China (CUC) and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul was held at CUC on December 15. It was the 8th meeting of the council. According to the "Cooperate agreement on constructing a Confucius institute", the council holds the meeting annually.

Professor Upperman, Professor Maillard and Professor Pardola from the council of Confucius institutes of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, CUC President Hu Zhengrong, Vice President Jiang Xufan, director of Confucius Institute Pang Zengyu, vice director of Department of International Exchange and Cooperation Zhang Long, vice director of School of International Studies Li Yehun, director of Student International Convention Center ZhangLili and Chinese director of the Council of Confucius Institutes at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Gu Tiejun were presented at the meeting.


The meeting was hosted by professor Pang Zengyu while professor Pardola and Director GuTiejun presented the annual reporting of the "Confucius Institute of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul 2017. Later on, CUC President HuZhengrong and the president of UFRGS Upperman discussed the matter of mutual interest including the cooperation based on the Confucius Institute and multidisciplinary communication and enrichment between both sides.



Editors : Arsh, Hong Chenyang