Cultural Strength in the New Era: The Academy Awards Ceremony of the Chinese Cultural Industries

January 02,2018

“Cultural Strength in the New Era: The Academy Awards Ceremony of the Chinese Cultural Industries” was held at Communication University of China(CUC) on the final day of 2017. Hosted by cultural industries research units from 16 famous universities in China, including CUC, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University of the Arts, Minzu University of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, Shandong University, Chinese Academy of Governance, Central University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan University,  Shenzhen University among others. The gala event was organized by CUC’s publicity department, the Cultural Development Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Management, CUCTV, as well as the Credit Promotion Association of Beijing Chaoyang Cultural Industry Innovation Experiment Zone.

The ceremony venue(Photo by Chen Yiming)

Gathering at the New Era of Chinese Cultural Industries Spiritual Feast

The Academy Awards Ceremony of the Chinese Cultural Industries is a unique event, the first to be live-streamed and include the active participation of numerous Chinese Internet celebrities. According to the 19th CPC National Congress and the announcement of a new historic era, developing confidence in its cultural industries is necessary for China to advance the ideals of a socialism with Chinese characteristics. The cultural industry is committed to meeting people’s ever-growing needs for a better life, stimulating cultural innovation, spreading Chinese values and highlighting China's strength. The year-end gala and awards ceremony strives to create a “spiritual feast,” uniting academic interests with support from Internet celebrities and industrial authorities to communicate the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. It explores people’s ever-growing needs for a better life, positively celebrating the telling of Chinese stories.

Omnimedia Lines Up to Achieve Stereoscopic Dissemination

Live-streamed for 4 straight hours on New Year’s Eve, the ceremony is a result of corporations between Communication University of China and authoritative media including China Central Television (CCTV), China National Radio(CNR), Radio Beijing Corporation(RBO), People’s Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, Outlook Weekly, Xinhua Net, China Economic Net, etc. 

 production control room

The ceremony was broadcasted by live platforms including Xinhua Net Video, Qianlong Net, CRI, Iqiyi live platform, Youku live platform, Huajiao live platform, Douyu live platform, The Himalayan FM, Netease Beijing, Feng live platform of IFENG.COM, CUCTV.COM,  etc. Meanwhile,  CGTN- Arabic, China Radio International(CRI), CGTN-Français, Startimes CHANEL, China Daily,, foreign language channel of and other foreign news media also participated, supporting its broadcast on various foreign-language platforms.

Stars Gathered to Talk About Cultural Life in the New Era

Honorary vice-president of the China Writers Association Dan Zeng, Cultural Scholars Fan Zhou, Meng Man , Hoster Zhang Shaogang, Writers of network Literature Tang Jiasanshao, Cultural Scholar Zhang Yiwu, Caricaturist Cai Zhizhong, and other celebrities were invited to comment on hot topics in the industry, leading tens of millions of producers, consumers, propagators and researchers to pay attention to hot spots and focuses in 2017 China’s cultural industry, as well as participating in them and share them with others to anticipate a better life in 2018.

distinguished guest

 Nine Award-winning Lists Announced

After two months of online voting and expert evaluation, the 2017 Academy Awards of the Chinese Cultural Industries grandly announced nine lists of award-winning excellence in China’s cultural innovation.

List 1: Academy Awards for the Most Culturally-competitive Cities in 2017



Evaluation Criteria
Based on the evaluation and analysis index of cities’ cultural influence worldwide, this award builds a three-level evaluation index system, which is systematic, prospective and quantifiable. Aiming to find out cities with profound cultural background, good cultural ecological environment and inclusiveness of other countries’ cultures, we have integrated historical development, realistic condition, future planning and policy support of each city, taking an all-round data and weights of cultural accumulation, cultural ecology, and cultural character into account to work out the final ranking.

Beijing Chaoyang District 
Tianjin Hexi District
Chongqing Nanan District
Hangzhou City 
Nanjing City
Kunming City
Yan’an City 
Sanmenxia City 
Qufu City
Dunhuang City

List 2: Academy Awards for Special Items in the Chinese Grand Canal Cultural Region in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
The Grand Canal is China’s 46th World Heritage site. The list celebrates 10 cultural projects which rejuvenate the culture of the Grand Canal, tell relevant stories and preserve the culture of the Canal heritage. The Symbolic Value, Social Awareness, Cultural Demonstration and Economic Benefits of each project were taken into consideration when making this list.

Project of tourism development of the Grand Canal in Liaocheng City (Shandong Province)
Tai’erzhuang Ancient Town (Shandong Province)
Qi Feng Gu Yuan (Kaifeng City, Henan Province)
Historical and cultural protection on the Gongchen Qiaoxi Area (Hanzhou City, Zhejiang Province)
Wang Chuan Hui (a temple fair in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province)
The comprehensive service platform for the Grand Canal Food League
Du Liu Canal Culture Special Town (Jinghai District, Tianjin City)
Yangzhou Shaobo Canal spectacle view Town (Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province)
The site project of the Sui and Tang Grand Canal in Liuzi (Huaibei city, Anhui Province)

List 3: Academy Awards for China Cultural Figure of the Year in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
With the standard of bench-marking, guiding and innovativeness ,through online votes and expert evaluation, we have chosen 11 people and 2 special contributors who can be considered cultural innovators. These individuals have innovated and explored Chinese culture, becoming leaders and industry “helmsmen.”

Award-winners (Surname stroke order)
Yu Dianli, the General Manager of the Commercial Press
Yu Dan, Co-founder of Huajiao live platform 
Tian Mei, the Chief Director and Producer of TV programmes The First Lesson of the School, The Reader and To Challenge the Impossible
Wu Jianrong, the Chairman of Zhong Nan Animation
Chen Xiumei, the Curator of Fujian Art Museum
Yu Jianjun, the Co-founder and joint CEO of Himalaya FM 
Jin Chengzhi, the Leader of Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Choir
Pang Xinxing, the President of Beijing Startimes Group 
Tang Lin, the Producer of Charming China Town
Tang Jiasanshao, the President of Xuan Shi Tang Culture Investment Company 

Huang Jinqing, the President of Xia Men Gen Shen Zhi Ye Cultural Innovation Group

Special Contributors to Chinese Culture in 2017(Surname stroke order):
Dan Zeng, the Director of the Chinese Writers Association
Cai Zhizhong, famous Taiwanese cartoonist

List 4: Academy Awards for the Internet Writers in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
It took 3 months to conduct the online polls and expert evaluations, the Academy Prize for the Internet writers in 2017 comes out according to the influence of the work, the rank of the income and the potential of IP. This list reflects the contributions of the most popular IP, the most focused IP by capital, as well as the development conditions of IP.  

Xiao Daofengli, author of online books Ao Jian Tian Qiong and Ao Jian Ling Yun, etc.
Yu Ren’erdai, author of online books Chong Sheng Zhui Mei Ji and Hen Chun Hen Ai Mei, etc.
Piao Qi, author of online books Long Yuan, Chun Qiu Lun and Te Qian Xing Dong, etc.
Er Gen, author of online books Xian Ni, Tian Ni and Qiu Mo, etc.
Yue Guan, author of online books Dian Fu Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, Lang Shen and Bu Bu Sheng Lian, etc.
Tian Shi’aosika, author of online books Song Shi Gui and Cuan Qing, etc.
Hu Dielan, author of online books Du Chuang Tian Ya and Xing Zhao Bu Xuan, etc.
Xiao Xiangdong’er, author of online books 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei, etc.
Chen Dong, author of online books Shen Mu and Chang Sheng Jie, etc.

List5: Academy Awards for the Best Projects of Traditional Crafts Revitalization in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
This year, we have selected eight projects which performed best in the fields of cultural manifestations, market performance,development potential and benefit level from more than a hundred traditional craftsmanship projects that have been registered and evaluated.

The Relics Hospital of the Imperial Palace
Hangzhou Wensli Silk
Tianjin "Clay Figurine Zhang” colored sculpture
Taizhou Embroidery ASILK clothes
Ma Tau Wall Yellow Rice Wine Winter's hidden
Xizi Silk Workshop, silk culture 
Kaihua Paper
MOZEN Chinese Clothes

List6: Academy Awards for the Most Cutting-Edge Cultural Technology Products in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
This award is designed to celebrate new highlights, new events and new trends in cultural technology. We selected the most pioneering,most iconic, most innovative and most practical cultural technology products as winners. After reviewing the products, the results of online polls, as well as assessments from experts in culture, science and technology, education and various research areas, we selected ten frontier cultural technology products. 

Annual Special Award:Conde new naked eye 3D technology
Annual Frontier Award:iFLY TEK Xiao translation machine ,  iQIY 4K VR Device
Annual Excellence Award: ibotn robot,  iQIYI TV Fruit
Annual Innovation Award: iFLY TEK intelligent robot Alpha eggs , quantum vision panoramic camera

List 7: Academy Awards for Charming Towns with the Highest Cultural Value in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
This award celebrates towns that have integrated culture in its development progress, daring to reform and innovate. They are towns with both Chinese characteristics and cultural charm, characterized by culture, driven by culture and catalyzed by culture. After various layers of screening according to the score index, the 11 most culturally-valuable and innovative towns were selected.

YI Qian Town,Qing Long Town,Bellick Ranch Town,Weihai Weigao Folk Culture Estate,Natian Micro Film Town,Jin Shi Tan International Tourism Resort Town,Shangrila jiantang Sports and Leisure Town,Yuhang Shangyi Town,Lenghu Mars Town,Binxi Town, Bai Lu Yuan Studios

List 8: Academy Award for Cultural Industrial Parks in 2017

Evaluation Criteria
This award appraised 20 cultural parks on various dimensions, including inheritance and promotion, ecological harmony, development potential, innovative growth, collaborative innovation, business integration, cultural characteristics and international perspective etc. The assessments of authoritative experts as well as the results of online polls have resulted in the final selection of 10 cultural parks. 

Best Traditional Promotion Award: 
Yong Xin Hua Yun Qianmen Traditional Culture Block
Jingdezhen Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative Street
Best Potential Nova Awards: 
Bin Hai Cultural Centre
Best Innovative Growth Award: 
Langfang International Exhibition Center Park    
Tongniu Film Industry Park
Best Business Integration Award: 
Beijing Yizhuang Science and Technology Cultural Integration Park          
Chongqing Nanbin Road Cultural Industrial Park
Best Collaborative Innovation Award:
Nanjing Huannan Art Cultural Creative Industry Functional Area
Best International Vision Award:
Shang 8 Central European Art Park           
Hangzhou White Horse Lake Eco-creative City

List 9:Academy Awards for Annual Hot Words in 2017

Evaluation Criteria 
Cultural buzzwords are words and topics that have been widely disseminated, attracting public attention and discussion. These words suggest the events and hot topics that mattered most in the field of cultural development in 2017. Cultural buzzwords signal new developments in the cultural field and indicate future trends. 
The specific indicators are as following: 

Topicality: The included cultural buzzwords is a popular topic that have been widely disseminated in a specific field of cultural development in 2017, and have attracted public attention and discussion. 
Representation: Selected cultural hot words could reflect related events and on behalf of the annual phenomenon of hotspots in the field of cultural development in 2017 and hot words should embody public willingness. 
Pioneering: Hot words represent both the industry and the public's attention to the new things in the cultural field, as well as a sign of the trend of cultural development in the future, so it has certain forward-looking and scientific and technological innovation. Through four selection procedures, Baidu index calculation, hot word screening, expert selection and publication results, here are the winner.
Through four selection procedures, Baidu index calculation, hot word screening, expert selection and publication results, here are the winners.

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Text: Hu Jinli, Xie Wenqi, Wang Rong, Ren Ying, Ye Jinyi, Huang Danying, Wangwei

Editors:Cao Wanchen, Sophie