Two Disciplines in CUC Graded A+ in Fourth Round Discipline Evaluation

Author:Liu Ruiwen     December 29,2017


  Journalism and Communication Studies, Drama, Cinematic & Television Studies in CUC are graded A+ in Fourth Round Discipline Evaluation, Dec 28,2017

The fourth round evaluation results of China Discipline Ranking were announced by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center(CDGDC)on Thursday. Two disciplines, Journalism and Communication Studies, Drama, Cinematic & Television Studies in Communication University of China are graded A+, the highest level among the rankings. 

In total of 81 universities and colleges, with all 17 with accredited institutions offering Doctoral degree and part with accredited institutions offering Master degree programs, take part in this round assessment of the first-level discipline “Journalism and Communication Studies”. CUC is one of the only two graded A+, the other is RENMIN UNIVERSITY OF CHINA. Drama and Film Studies in CUC tops the A+ among 51 Universities and colleges.

This outstanding rankings can be seen as another recognition after these two subjects were selected into “world-class discipline” in “double first-class”project earlier this year. It also suggests that CUC is endeavoring to build itself to be an international, world-class university.

Editor: Huang Danying