CUC Team Wins Bronze at China Collegiate Programming Contest

Author:Wang Huiyi     December 19,2017

Communication University of China(CUC) team earned the bronze by winning the final of the 3rd China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC) in Harbin on December 3. It was the first time for CUC team to win the competition at CCPC.

The CUC team was comprised of three students namely Liu Chunxi from the School of Music and Recording Arts, Yu Shuai and Shang Ao from the Faculty of Science and Technology. Yang Lifang, teacher from CUC, acted as their guiding teacher.

Held by the Association of China Collegiate Programming Contest, CCPC is a competition in the field of computer programming. The contest is aimed at playing a role of inspiring students to cooperate with the teammates and make some novel inventions.

Editors: Ding Qi, ASh