15th Award Ceremony of Star Volunteers in CUC

Author:Guan Botao     December 07,2017

Director team and the staff of 15th Award Ceremony of Star Volunteers, Dec 5, 2017

Ten volunteers from fifteen nominees won the title of “Star Volunteer” in Tuesday’s 15th Award Ceremony of Star Volunteers in CUC, which was held at 400 Lecture Hall.

The theme of this ceremony was “light collector”, the nickname of volunteers who devote themselves to public activities. The ceremony began with the story of Nuan Nuan, a little girl who came to the earth and feeds on the light collected by volunteers. This story accompanied the whole ceremony and the little girl grew up at last.

Comprising five parts with individual theme, the ceremony divided volunteering into five categories, symbolizing five kinds of light, including support education (glowworm), health care (sunlight in winter), venue guiding (fireworks), global community development program (starlight) and voluntary organization (candlelight).

Posters for counting down

This ceremony is in the charge of Chinese Young Volunteers Associtation of CUC, Red Cross Society of CUC and Practice Depatrment, CCYL Committee of CUC. CUC Girls, CUC Gesture Language Club and AZA Choir gave excellent performances in this ceremony.

AZA Choir singing songs

Director of Students Affairs Office Zhang Genxing, Deputy Director of CPC Publicity Department Gao Zuozhi, Deputy Director of Logistics Management Office Yan Wenming and Li Wei, Director of Chinese Communist YouthLeague Committee attended this ceremony and presented awards to “Star Volunteer”. Xie Haishan, Vice President of Chinese Young Volunteers Associtation, and other leaders of social organizations attended this award ceremony as presenters. Eight other universities also sent their representatives to this ceremony.

Lovely ornaments of the ceremony

Photo source: Chinese Young Volunteers Associtation of CUC, Red Cross Society of CUC

Editor: Huang Danying