The Opening Ceremony of the Sixth Graduate Academic Festival Held at CUC

Author:Gong Qian Photo by: Shi Xuan     December 04,2017

Attendees of the opening ceremony pose for a photo on Oct 23 at First Floor Lecture Hall of No.44 Building (Photo/ Shi Xuan

The opening ceremony of the sixth Graduate Academic Festival was held at First Floor Lecture Hall of No.44 Building. President Hu Zhengrong, leaders of Graduate School and Chinese Communist Youth League Committee, review consultants for an essay competition that is supported by a graduate academic journal of CUC and over 200 students were present at this ceremony.

In his speech, Zhang Hongsheng, Dean of Graduate School, introduced current situation and offered several advices to cultivate graduates in CUC. Then the Vice-Chairman of Graduate Student Union, Lv Jiasheng, gave explanations about the arrangements of this academic feast.

President Hu Zhengrong makes a speech entitled “The Ecosystem of Omni Media”

Lecture, entitled “The Ecosystem of Omni-Media”, delivered by President Hu, was one of the most notable parts. Based on the overall strategy put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping for the development of the media industry, President Hu gave an all-round explanation of the current media structure from the aspects of thinking, technology, user, product, format, system and mechanism of Omni media, pointing out that the contents and channels are equally important. 

He also agreed that with the support of Omni-media technologies and user data, also with the reform and innovation of system and mechanism, we should promote the formation of cross-sector format of "Radio and Television + Internet".

Taking the domestic and international media cases as examples, President Hu analyzed the new situation of media convergence, and the Artificial Intelligence under the background of the Internet and big data. He also proposed that we cultivate the Omni-media talents

Academic culture is a mirror of the construction of campus culture, and also a reflection that shows the quality of talent cultivation. In the coming days, there will be a series of academic activities waiting for you, including Lectures, Academic Salon, Open-Studio events and Essay Contest. Why not to scan the QR code below and follow the WeChat public account of postgraduates of CUC for more information?

Editors: Wu Jingye, Husrav