CUC’s Project of Youth Film Creation and International Circulation Officially Put into Operation

Author:Chen keying     November 29,2017

The CUC’s Project of Youth Film Creation and International Circulation was officially put into operation last Tuesday the 21 of November 2017. All the related organizations of CSFF College Day attended the meeting.

The project was officially put into operation during The 8th China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF) College Day with all its relevant organizations in attendance. Aiming at cultivating talents and building up towards the international platform, the CSFF Organizing Committee graced the event, alongside lecturers and professors from the academic circle; directors of outstanding short films in CSFF; delegates from renowned companies which are dedicated to short videos; and students.

As the cradle of media talent and one of the nation’s “First-Class Discipline Universities”, CUC launched the project with other well-known universities (such as Tsinghua University and China Women's University), media and cultural organizations(such as CCTV-9 Documentary Channel, Beijing Gehua CATV Network and so on ) taking part in it. Phoenix TV, the main partner of the project, will offer five outstanding short films directed by university students, a chance to be shown on the program, Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix in order to motivate them. The Faculty of Journalism and Communication will be responsible for the daily-operations of this particular program plan. The faculty will, by use of New Media Theories, Practice and talent-training, gather resources from the government, the educational sphere and the media industry. Providing these resources to students affords them the opportunity to spear-head their own film-making experiences.  

With multi-cooperation from all related organizations, the project will integrate resources, stay updated on all latest developments in the communication and filming industries and continue to set ablaze the passion of university students to tell the real and meaningful Chinese story to the rest of the world. 

Editors: Tio, Dingqi