The Athletic Meeting of Freshmen Held in the Stadium

Author:Zhou Yanxi,Zhu Ningjie     November 12,2017

The Collective Fun Events called "Streetcar" enlivens the atmosphere of 2017 freshmen athletic meeting in CUC. NOV. 1 (photo by: Bu Wangjiali)

The athletic meeting of 2017 freshmen in CUC was held in the Stadium last Wednesday to increase students' awareness of health and team spirits.

After being laid aside for 5 years, the athletic meeting of CUC freshmen finally got back with a long-time preparation. The return of freshmen athletic meeting arouse the enthusiasm of teachers and students.

The programs at the athletic meeting were divided into Track and Field events, Fitness Test, and Collective Fun Events. The most special part was definitely Collective Fun Events, including “Streetcar”,“Time Shift”, “Tornado” and “Reap the harvest you have sown”.

Freshmen from each faculty or school participated in all the competitions. Athletes were trying their best to run faster or jump higher, audiences were shouting as loud as they could to cheer up for their classmates and friends.

“I do enjoy the process!” Huo Minhan, a freshman from TV school, who won the championship of Women's 100m Race said, “I’m happy for being No. 1. It is so dramatic to fight on the track!”

International students also took part in it, some spared no efforts to challenge their limits, some watched with consuming passion. Mike, an audience watching the running race said, “I have watched football, tennis or basketball games before in my country, not really much running. But today I enjoy the running race in CUC.It is pretty dramatic!”

The exciting athletic meeting ended up in the applaud and cheer of all students. Team of Faculty of Science and Technology got the champion, Television School came second, and School of Presentation Art won the third place.

Editors: Hong Chenyang, Hu Zhenchao