The WA Forum: World of the Art, Art of the World

Author:Liu Ruiwen     November 03,2017

On November 1, in the School of Animation and Digital Arts’ lecture hall, the World Art Forum welcomed its first lecturer, Professor Domènec Corbella, a world-renowned artist and painter from Spain, who gave an extraordinary theme lecture on Antonio Gaudi's art concept.

Launched by the Faculty of Arts of CUC, the World Art (WA) Forum aims to enrich students' knowledge of the Liberal Arts. Through high- quality idea-sharing, themed lectures and practical activities, the WA Forum is building an international, multidisciplinary, interactive academic platform for CUC students.

Doctor Cao Kaizhong, the forum’s sponsor and host, holds great anticipation for it. He said: “Our school is well known for media studies and art, but the focus of WA Forum is to dig out something deeper. From my point of view, things are updating and changing at a tremendously high speed, but there is still a lot that remains unchanged. It is our great endeavor to create something constant, something that lasts longer and complementary to the fast development nowadays.”


Contemporary art is distinct from the art of the 19th and 20th centuries, as it increasingly intersects with business and social developments of the 21st century. The discipline of art itself is a meaningful foundation to a liberal arts education. In creating a new interactive platform, the WA Forum is responding to a need for knowledge about the liberal arts and opens a new avenue for students to explore the world of art. Doctor Cao also added: “WA stands for ‘the Art of the world and the world of art.’”

The purpose of the WA Forum is to broaden student horizons by informing audiences about artist activities and aspects of their art.

The first two lectures were given by Domènec Corbella, former dean of University of Barcelona's Art Institute, occurred on November 1 and 2 . By the end of November, the forum will also present a lecture series by an American film professor. The WA Forum is not confined to one category, but including sculptures, paintings and movies with a focus on knowledge of Liberal education. Besides the Forum, the next stage will be to build Interdisciplinary Research Laboratories, an international short-term studio and a corporate joint workshop.

According to Doctor Cao, CUC and University of Barcelona are working on two kinds of collaborations currently. One is the short-term exchange program, each university will send students to the partner school for a while. The other is the summer program with a work studio, in which there’s a project involving Chinese and Spanish schools together.


Edited by:Cao Wanchen, Hong Chenyang, Sophia