Vice President Liao Xiangzhong Invited to 'D.confestival' in Germany

Author:Li Yutong     September 25,2017

From September 14th to September 16th,  “d.confestival” and the 10th Anniversary of HPI Design Thinking School were held in Potsdam. More than one thousand senior executives and scholars from 40 countries and regions, 50 well-known universities such as Stanford, University of Waterloo, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE for short) and The University of Cape Town and 350 enterprises including Google, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD for short), Volkswagen and SAP attended the conference. Liao Xiangzhong, Vice President of CUC, was invited to the meeting and delivered a speech.

As one of the significant activities this time, Global Design Thinking Round Table Forum staged in the red main conference room. Liao had a heated discussion with experts from all over the world.

Liao retrospected the background of design thinking’s entrance of CUC, pointed out that Chinese innovation is international and special. He introduced CUC’s innovation achievements in the past eight years to the conventioneers and said that China was stepping into an era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Hence both design thinking and China needed each other and CUC extended a warm welcome to innovators around the world.

After preparing and negotiating for about one year, the foundation of “Global Design Thinking Association” was finally declared in the conference. Liao had an in-depth discussion with the representatives and signed an agreement on intention.

Vice President Liao Xiangzhong had a sincere talk with Professor Christoph Meinel, dean of the HPI D-School and host of “d.confestival”. They discussed amply about the prospective patterns of higher education and Artificial Intelligence’s impact on human with great enthusiasm.

When getting interviewed by media, Liao pointed out that design thinking would become increasingly important at the age of Internet. He also talked about the prospect of design thinking in China, which was thought highly of by his colleagues.

Besides, Liao visited the representatives of several German innovation institutions including TRIAD, SAP, Deutsche Bank and Xnexenio and went in quest of the cooperation in China.

As an approach to innovation that integrates various elements such as humanism, commerce and technology, design thinking was imported to CUC and practiced initially in China in 2009 by Professor Liao Xiangzhong, who was the incumbent dean of School of Animation. CUC’s attendance in “d.confestival” and the newborn “Global Design Thinking Association” is certain to play a vital role in the construction of “Double First-Class” initiative in the future.

Edited by: Hong Chenyang