20th Anniversary of Radio CUC English

Author:Luo Yunjia , Dingqi     September 13,2017

Initially established in 1997, Radio CUC English has now come to its 20th anniversary. It is the one and only full-English campus broadcast of CUC as well as the sole full-English campus media of Capital Campus Press Union. Radio CUC English consists of 3 departments: department of operation, department of new media and department of programs. By radio FM89.3 audience in Ding FuZhuang area can catch 7 columns of Radio CUC English at 19:00 from Monday to Sunday. Here are the brief introduction of them.

Weekly Focus

The most significant feature of Weekly Focus is its meticulosity and inclusiveness to its radio program. Based on its original news broadcasting tradition, it devotes to promoting school, domestic, international news, ranging from sport, entertainment to news reports. Inspired and motivated by BBC&CCTV news, Weekly Focus contrive to hold a broad but profound vision with accurate accent, which reminds us of typical News host.
Presenting time: 19:00, Monday

Previous Program: https://m.lizhi.fm/419403/2599315457777020422?from=message

C Countdown

As a music program, C Countdown has something more than pop songs. Apart from latest new hits, there are also hot discussions, gossips and explosive news about musicians. Despite the timeliness of the program, C Countdown also lay emphasis on classical works and the variety of music styles. Thus you will hear musics through different countries, from romantic chansons of France, mysterious Celtic melodies to Japanese folk songs. If you are a music fan, it is definitely a program you don’t want to miss.

Presenting Time: 19:00, Tuesday
Previous Program: https://m.lizhi.fm/419403/2595418215188582406?from=message

Dream to the Ivy league

As it’s shown in the name, Dream to the Ivy League focuses on presenting different university & study cultures around the world. In previous programs, they’ve brought to the audience a brief introduction to Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Oxbridge, LSE,  etc., all top-rated universities. Meanwhile, they pay as much as attention to daily life abroad in details by the form of free talks and radio drama in every episode, especially predicament and dilemma students faced with. Dream to the Ivy league is surely an unrestrained and vigorous team with a promising future.
Presenting Time: 19:00, Wednesday
Previous Program: https://www.lizhi.fm/1373025/2576317902715105798 (Christmas Special)

Banana hot talk

Banana Hot Talk is the most special program in radio CUC English ever because they bananas dare to talk about anything, both those you can and cannot imagine. That's why they're HOT. They can talk serious and they can talk dirty(or seriously dirty). Seems that they don't give a shit about anything but do care about a lot of stuff. Bananas focus on social problems and also follow current issues. And also they have that kind of discussion which can hardly be seen on mainstream media. Literally Banana Hot Talk is full of dramatic performances and crazy ideas. 
Presenting Time: 19:00, Thursday
Previous Program: http://m.lizhi.fm/419403/2569840364034819590

City Tempo

On account of the wide range of specifics it contains, City Tempo is also known as a perfect travel guide. Around one particular city or country, each episode presents a thorough introduction of these travel spots. Apart from basic information about food, climate, traffic and accommodation, it also tells about historical stories, myths, art or literature works of them. In addition, at the end of each episode there are mini radio dramas that are relevant to the travel spots, which also adds the fun every Friday evening.
Presenting Time: 19:00, Friday
Previous Program: http://music.163.com/m/program?id=785931571&userid=39529341&from=message (Barcelona)

Action Frames

For movie fans, Action Frames can literally fulfill all their love for films, no matter as audience or as an anchor. Each episode Action Frames talk about almost everything about one movie, from story, cast, background music to every details of it that intrigue them, through which you can see their neutrally critical attitude as well as their humour. Further more, there are dubbing parts in every program where you can hear the classical movie scenes re-acted creatively. Though Action Frames is an English radio program, it also presents movies of other languages occasionally as surprises.
Presenting Time: 19:00, Saturday
Previous Program: http://m.lizhi.fm/419403/2591174637176503814 (La La Land: If you too are the fools who dream.)
https://m.lizhi.fm/419403/2602821922764223494 (Season Finale Special: French, Japanese, Cantonese, and Shakespearean English movies. )

Highlight Sports


Don’t hesitate to find the latest news and the coolest information of the turning sport world here in Highlight Sports. Consists of true fans of sports, it covers many kinds of sports from soccer to Wingsuit flying. But of course they don’t neglect highlight events like NBA and National Derby. Also they present a legendary athlete from different fields in every episode. In addition, if you are looking for new sports to try, you can also find some inspiration in Yo-man part.
Presenting Time: 19:00, Sunday
Previous Program: http://m.lizhi.fm/419403/2603070493996518918

How To Catch The Programs:

Broadcast through:  FM89.3

Updating platforms:



Previous Programs and Other Activities:  Follow the Wechat account: radiocucpublic 

Recruiting Information:
In Radio CUC’s 20th Anniversary year, Radio CUC English will be glad and honored to have you both as our audience and as anchors or journalists to produce programs with us. If you are interested, please click
https://www.wjx.top/jq/16443110.aspx to fill in the form and get more information about the interview.

Edited by: Cao Wanchen