Professor Ding Wenhua Appointed as Dual-Employed Academician of CUC

Author:Huang Danying     July 27,2017

Appointment ceremony of academician Ding Wenhua was held in 1118 meeting room of Ming De Building on July 21.

Academician Ding Wenhua, a well-known expert on Broadcasting and Television Technology, graduated from CUC in Television Engineering in 1982 and was elected as academician of China Engineering Academy in 2013, Besides, he is the former Chief Engineer of CCTV and participated in the construction of CCTV’s color TV center technology system.

President Hu Zhengrong presented and awarded certification to academician Ding Wenhua.Other attendees include Liu Jianbo, Director of Faculty of Science and Technology. Zhang Pengzhou, Party Secretary of  Faculty of Science and Technology, Wang Yongbin, Director of Department of Science and Technology,  Shi Ping, Director of Graduate Committee and Vice Dean of Graduate School. Xia Dan, Director of Department of Personnel host the ceremony.

In this ceremony, Director Xia Dan first introduced basic information of academician Ding Wenhua and then introduced basic situation of CUC, including present subject construction, institute setting and talent training.

Director Liu Jianbo presented information about Faculty of Science and Technology involving institute setting, major planning, and development project. He welcomed academician Ding’s joining and expected the upcoming development of the Faculty.

Academician Ding Wenhua appreciated CUC, his alma mater, for this recruiting chance. He felt honored for returning CUC and working with his professors again after 35 years. He recollected his study lives in CUC and analyzed the trend of broadcasting and television field combining his work experiences and government policies. Ding also said that he will cooperate with university science team to do more related studies and apply them into teaching practice to make contributions for CUC.

President Hu Zhengrong signed the appointment agreement with Ding and awarded the letter of appointment for Ding. He represented the university to welcome and appreciate Ding’s back, he pointed out that “Double-Employed Academician” is a great support for college development and promised that CUC will set an Academician Studio to make use of all the resources and ensure academicians’ working.

                                                                                                                                                          Edited by: Cao Wanchen