President Hu Zhengrong Meets with Delegation of Philippine Mainstream Media

Author:Wang Rong     July 20,2017

On the morning of July 12th, President Hu Zhengrong attended the opening ceremony of “Understanding China: Senior Workshop for Philippine Media”, and extended his cordial welcome and the most gracious greetings.

The “Understanding China: Senior Workshop for Philippine Media” was jointly organized by Academy of Media and Public Affairs of CUC and Sino-ASEAN Education Training Center, and a seven-day duration will be offered to study, visit and communicate for the Managers and senior media workers from Philippines mainstream media such as The Daily Tribune, Business Mirror, DZRH Manila Broadcasting Company, GMA News, and TV 5.

President Hu Zhengrong said that this workshop is vital to further facilitate the Sino-Philippines friendship and to promote the trust and exchange between high-level talents in the media industry of Sino-Philippines under the Belt and Road Initiatives. As a higher institution directly under the control of Ministry of Education, Communication University of China(CUC), which subject of journalism and communication ranks first in China, not only a cradle to foster media talents of China, but to offer several high-level media talents training programs to ASEAN region in the past two years.

Mr. Recto Mercene, head of delegation and senior editor of Business Mirror, said that China is the fast growing country in the world and he looked forward to having further understanding of China and building a friendship as well as fully drawing lessons from China’s media in integration and development.

It is known that members of the delegation will pay a visit to CGTV, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, the National Tourism Administration. And seminars will be held by professor Zhang Long, deputy director of International Convention Center, and professor Ji Deqiang, associate researcher of the National Center for Communication Innovation Studies and other experts and scholars.

Zou Xilin, deputy director of Faculty of Continuing Education, Guo Xiaoke, deputy director of Academy of Media and Public Affairs, and Shu Pengyi, deputy director of Sino-ASEAN Education Training Center, also attended the opening ceremony of “Understanding China: Senior Workshop for Philippine Media”. 


Edited by: Cao Wanchen