"Chinese Culture in Eyes of Foreign Students" Chinese Speech Competition

Author:Li Peifei     Source:Faculty of Literature and Law     July 07,2017

On the morning of Jun 22nd, 2017, "Chinese Culture in Eyes of  Foreign Students” Chinese speech competition was held at CUC Broadcasting station studio on the 5th floor. This event is directed by Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language of Faculty of Literature and Law, together with the CUC office of construction and management of network culture and CUC TV, in purpose of developing the Chinese level of CUC foreign students and improving their interest on Chinese language culture. The twelve students from Italy, Germany, Tajikistan, Thailand, Laos, Congo-Brazzaville, Nigeria, etc., have taken part in the final competition. Although they have different skin colors, they all love Chinese and Chinese culture, and they use different ways to express Chinese culture in their eyes. Some chose to declaim classical Chinese poetry, some talked about Chinese historical legends, some introduced historical and cultural celebrities, some shared Chinese festivals, some even found special ways to show their love of Chinese culture by singing Chinese songs.


Zhang Yue, foreign student from Thailand, as a future "foreign wife", she used the topic "Me and My Chinese Family" to humorously introduce how she get to know her husband's family from Shanxi, China, and the stories of living together with them. She also used a standard Shanxi accent to present a part of old Shanxi opera:“他大舅他二舅都是他舅,高桌子低板凳都是木头。” The audience simmered with laughter.

Ji Na, foreign student from Laos who is going to graduate soon, preformed a splendid prose poem for her schoolmates:致同班的你们 She create this prose poem inspired from the lyrics of several Chinese songs including 《同桌的你》《我只在乎你》《毕业歌》《再见》etc. The poem showed her unwillingness of being apart from the big family of CUC International.

Italian foreign student Eric declaimed the work of Liu Bannong 《教我如何不想她》Together with the melodious music, Eric took us into this famous poem of Chinese International student written in 1920s, with his attractive intonation, the audience were all deeply moved.

Xiao Yue, from Congo-Brazzaville chose the topic "'哭' and '笑' Make Me Fall in Love with Chinese Language" and told a story of an international student learning Chinese characters, the culture behind the structures of Chinese characters and fall in love with Chinese language. Wu Wenduo ,from Nigeria used his own experience living in China to talk about "The Implicitly of Chinese People" and show things happened during the communication of Chinese and foreign cultures. Wang Guanghua from Thailand told a small story "Family Name Wan" to present the charm of Chinese characters in a humorous way.

Toby from Germany chose the topic "Story of Spring Festival " to introduce the origin and custom of Spring festival from the view of a foreign student. Jiang Shan from Congo-Brazzaville talked about "Dragon Boat Festival" which shared the custom of Dragon Boat Festival and her own experience of celebrating it in China .

Two Thailand boys who loved Chinese food, Jin Yuhao and Liu Junliang, both chose their favorite Chinese food as their topic. "Story of Dumplings" by Jin Yuhao introduced the origin of dumplings, while "Story of Yuxiang rousi" by Liu Junliang talked about the origin and processes of making this dish. They pushed the competition to a climax of foreign students' love of Chinese food.

Ma Ke and Hao Jie from Tajikistan, presented their speech in two opposite styles. Ma Ke chose the topic "Confucius and His Thoughts" to introduce the life and thoughts of Chinese celebrity Confucius, showing his adore of Confucius and Chinese philosophy with quite a professional way. Hao Jie, on the other hand, shared his trick of learning Chinese language and culture: by learning the songs of Jay Chou, and performed "青花瓷" for us. With the melody of 青花瓷, the audience get into the art of the song and the competition went to another climax of learning Chinese songs.

The director of CCTV Chinese International Channel, Ms. Li Yuxin watched the whole competition. She highly praised the comprehensive quality of our international students, and invited some students to take part in the TV program "快乐汉语" at the scene.

After the careful grading from the professional judges, finally we picked out three 1st prize, four 2nd prize and five 3rd prize winners. The director of Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Faculty of Literature and Law, Ms. Zhang Jing, The vice director of the CUC office of construction and management of network culture, Mr. Wang Weijia, the director of CCTV Chinese International Channel, Ms. Li Yuxin and the representatives of teachers of Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Faculty of Literature presented the certificates and prizes for the winning students.

 Edited by: Cao Wanchen