A Unique Segment of Graduation Ceremony You Can’t Miss in CUC

Author:Wang Rong     June 26,2017

As graduation season approaches, almost everyone who is a graduate-to-be in all sorts of educational institutions is keen on his/her farewell party this summer. Differentiated from other universities, CUC has its own traits, namely, to roll out the red carpet for graduates coming.


The red carpet, may remind you of gorgeous, glamorous stars who showed up in gala celebrity events, such as the hottest red carpet on the planet, the Oscar. So, in this way, handsome boys and fair ladies, photographers, and flash lamps would not be missed in such an event.

Fascinated by the latest trend, graduates from different faculties have their own way to reiterate this red carpet tradition. To sum up, there are different styles can be listed as follows.


Celebrity-Like Style

This is the most traditional way in red carpet. Graduates will dress up like big stars, then come to the red carpet, sign their names and take photos. Although they are not big stars worldwide now, they are true stars of CUC !



Of course, the setting of the red carpet can completely be paralleled with big star’s. That leaves a magnificent memory of the graduates.



Family Style

Over the days, accompanied by classmates and roommates, those who studied and lived in CUC have already constitute an intimate family. And to some extent, they are true family without blood ties. Thus, in this big day, they would make themselves look awesome and show up in red carpet with their new family members.



Apart from those whom they met in CUC, the relatives, particularly the parents, of some graduates will turn up, seeing the marvelous moment of their adorable boys and girls. Moreover, some graduates who have already married with their destined ones, and have formed a new family— father, mother and the child. And in such a big day, they show up together.




   Han Chinese Clothing Style

Han Chinese Clothing, or Hanfu, is a traditional costume of China worn for millennia and representative of the characteristics of the Han nationality.

In recent years, it has enjoyed a great popularity among young people. In the glittering fashion dress show in CUC, the girls who dressed with Han Chinese Clothing must leave an impression with oriental beauties. 


And the boy who wore Han Chinese Clothing seems to epitomize the quality of handsome and elegant of ancient Chinese men.


Multi-nationalities Style  

A Chinese university as CUC is, however, foreign graduates count a lot. Hence, the red carpet is also their court, they can go to great lengths to show their charms as Chinese students do.


 Almost everyone showed up in red carpet would wear a suit and tie, save for some foreign students who come from different countries with different nationalities. They swap the casual dressing, and put on traditional costumes of their nation.




 Public Display of Affection Style

Four-year or more years’ school life in CUC has come to an end soon, and it’s time to claim how much I love you to the world. Therefore, some graduates decide to take advantage of this event to show their affection to his/her beloved.


As an old saying goes that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes, should there be a thousand red carpets in a thousand graduates of CUC. Despite where you come from, what you learn, and what you do, everyone in CUC deserves a grand red carpet in their own way.

The red carpet of CUC was watched by many people through live streaming. No matter you are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduates earning your master degree, the red carpet in CUC is a good place to show yourself. What you can’t miss in this June is red carpet in CUC. So, just put on your beautiful dress and show up !


Edited by: Cao Wanchen