Second CUC Teacher English Speaking and Bilingual Teaching Competition

Source:Hong Chenyang     June 19,2017

On the afternoon of June 14th, the final contest of the second CUC teacher English Speaking and Bilingual Teaching Competition was held in the Lecture Hall of School of International Studies. This competition is launched by Center for Faculty Development of the Personnel Department, which aims at further improving teacher’s bilingual capacity as well as building up high standard faculty for the construction of Double First Rate university.

There are two phases in the competition: preliminary and final contests. 15 non-English major teachers took part in the first round of the contest and 9 went through to the finals. There are 7 famous experts who made a judge team in the final: Professor Guo Yingjian from English School of Renmin University, Professor Wang Yan from department of English and International Studies of China Foreign Affairs University, Mark Ryan, from English Channel, CRI, Professor Long Yun and Su Rongjiang from School of English of Beijing International Studies University, Professor Li Zuowen, the Dean of School of International Studies of CUC and Professor Wu Minsu, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Journalism and Communication of CUC.


The final contest was divided into two parts—A. Prepared Speech, B. Teaching Presentation in English. During the 5-minute prepared speech, combining with the topic, each contestant expressed their love and ambition of teaching by telling their English studying story and teaching experience at CUC. After the speech, they had 1 minute to answer the questions from the judges.

In the Teaching Presentation in the English section, each contestant were given 8 minutes and was asked to present English teaching designed around a specific knowledge point. The perfect class design, interesting interaction with students, passionate expression and fluent English showed the audiences the international styles of the teachers.

Each session is given equal weight and the total score of a contestant consist of the scores of both two sessions. Finally, Cao Peixin from Faculty of Journalism and Communication was the champion due to his excellent presentation skill and splendid teaching performance.

First Prize—Cao Peixin, from Faculty of Journalism and Communication

Second Prize—Tang Xuan, from Faculty of Journalism and Communication

Second Prize— Huang Dianlin,from Faculty of Journalism and Communication

Second Prize— Ji Xiang, from Faculty of Journalism and Communication

After the two parts, Professor Guo Jianying, Professor Wang Yan and Professor Li Zuowen made some comments. They appreciated the teachers’ English skills and they said that the theme, clear expression, good logic, meaningful content and correct grammar were the standard of measuring the level of speeches. No matter if it was a speech of teaching, organizing your words, designing your content, highlighting the theme and using right method were always a key to success. During the contest, Zhang Qinyuan, winner of “Spring of CUC” in 2017 song Desperado . 

At last, President Hu Zhengrong made some comments. He pointed out that language and major are the main points for teachers to be a part of world first class team. The best language skills plus the best major skill can help teachers to show their ideas to the world. Improving teachers English teaching skills mean a lot to the internationalization of CUC. The teachers should catch the chance to set higher goals of future career development and make greater progress not only in China, but also in the world.  

The contest drew attention of lots of teachers and students. About 80 people from different Faculties and Schools showed up and watched the contest. Meanwhile, the entire contest was broadcasted by CUC TV and around 50 thousand people watched the competition through the live-broadcasting platform.

Winner list

First class:Cao Peixing(Faculty of Journalism and Communication)

Second class:
Tang Xuan(Faculty of Journalism and Communication)
Huang Dianlin(Faculty of Journalism and Communication)
Ji Xiang(Faculty of Arts)

Third class:
Zhang Huaqing(Faculty of Science and Technology)
Chen Xiaoning(Faculty of Literature and Law)
Shui Linlin(Faculty of Arts)
Yang Yanhong(School of Marxism)
He Xuelian(Communication Strategy of China Co-innovation Center)

Excellence award:
Zhanghan(School of Marxism)
Xiaoli(Faculty of Literature and Law)、
Yang Xuerui(Advertising School)、
Ma Boqin(Faculty of Science and Technology
Jiangjuan (Practical and Experimental Teaching Center)、
Li Huiqun(Faculty of Journalism and Communication)

Excellent organization:Faculty of Journalism and Communication


 Edited by: Cao Wanchen