Professor Zhang Minquan Awarded the Honorary Certificate of National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Author:Wu Jingye     June 14,2017

The Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC held The Construction of Philosophy and Social Science Work with Chinese Characteristics Symposium, and the 2017 National Social Science Fund Project Review Conference in Beijing on 17 May. In recognition of the final results from the 2016 National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Liu Yunshan, Vice Premier of the State Council Liu Yandong, Minister of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC Liu Qibao, Minister of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China Chen Baosheng, and other comrades presented honorary certificates for Professor Zhang Minquan from Faculty of Literature and Law in CUC and other selected authors. Liu Yunshan delivered an important speech at the meeting, which was reported by CCTV News that evening.

Professor Zhang Minquan has been named in the 2016 "National Achievement Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences" with his book "Wan Guangtai Phonology Manuscripts and Research", which was published by the Social Science Literature Publishing House in March of 2017. As a well known poet during the early period of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, Wan Guangtai has contributed a lot to history and linguistics, and especially prevailed in Chinese phonology research, while his manuscripts have long been buried and unknown. The five hundred fifty thousand word Wan Guangtai Phonology Manuscripts and Research takes 16 years to complete, collecting and proofreading seven of the little-known Wan Guangtai phonology manuscripts, exploring Wan Guangtai phonology systematically, and summarizing the achievements and research methods of Wan Guangtai phonology.

This book is the first monograph at home and abroad to study the scholar of the Qing Dynasty Wan Guangtai’s phonology manuscripts that fills the gaps in the history of phonology, many of which has rewritten the history of ancient phonology of Qing Dynasty. With great value to the study of ancient phonology, and the history of phonetics and academic history, Professor Zhang's research has posed profound influence in the history of phonology and phonetics and has had important academic influence in academia. Professor Tang Zuofan from Peking University wrote a preface for the book giving it high regards by mentioning that the publishing of the book is "as Wang Guowei sorting out Wang Niansun’s manuscript". "Wan Guangtai Phonology Manuscripts and Research " is another important phonology monograph by Professor Zhang Minquan, following the Ancient Phonetics Study During the Early Period of Qing Dynasty and the Ancient Phonetics of Song Dynasty and Wu Yu Research.

At a time when China is speeding up the construction of all-round, all-area, and all-factor philosophy and social science system of Chinese characteristics, being selected into the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences fully demonstrates the strength and level of liberal arts at our school in the field of philosophy and social science research.

The National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences focuses on promoting innovative results that reflect the highest standard of China's philosophy and social science research by conducting an annual examination and appraisal.  The examination and appraisal highlights the outstanding achievements and talents of philosophy and social science to demonstrate its influence on society. Moreover, it helps to facilitate discourse and the innovation of an academic discipline by encouraging experts and scholars to create more masterpieces with fine style of study, and it also promotes the further prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences in China.


Edited by: Cao Wanchen